Monday, July 31, 2006

Just stuff....

This first part is for Stegart who won one of the prizes from my freebie giveaway! I still need your address so I may send you your freebie! Email me at with your home address! Thank You!

I still have yet to start IF and IMT challenges! I am really stuck on stupid on those two challenges. I have an idea for the IF challenge~clean....I am sure no one has thought of..or at least as far as I know. The IMT music one is the one I am really stuck on....It will come to me..

Now I have a question for y'all.....Of all the art I create...which type do you think you like best....the antique'y stuff? or the bright colors(whimsy and Zetti)? Just curious....I guess I am feeling lost these days....I can't quite explain it....I thought I would ask to help unclutter my mind. I get really bad during PMS and can't make sense of anything! It bothers me so.

I have been thinking about us all doing some sort of swap! Anyone interested? I was thinking of supplies swap...paper stuff and small items? Let me know if any of you are interested! I don't know about you...but I get bored using the same things over and over....I thought it would be fun to do a swap!

Well...I am off to get me another cup of coffee....and get busy cleaning my house! Yuck! I need to win the lottery and hire all of us maids and cooks LOL ...Hey! it sounded good! hehe

Love and hugs!
Happy Creating!


Saturday, July 29, 2006

New items on eBay!

3 brand new ACEO's !

The first one is "Ice Cream Fairy"...created on heavy cardboard and covered with acrylic painted magazine paper. The fairy image on this piece came from and I cut some small bits of scrap paper for her icecream and cone! I added some text and gorgeous fibers! Also, added some glitter paint to the piece! It didn't come out as bright from scan..actually alot brighter colors in person! Where you see light pink is actually more of a fushia. So pretty!

Next in line is "Mail Fairy" Such a cute little piece of art! I did the background in the same manor as the first. The image is another one from I added some text and more lovely fibers! Painted some cute little flowers at the bottom and topped the piece off with a pretty red heart gem! I love this one...the little girl fairy is so adorable!

This last one was done a bit differently! "Flower Garden Fairy" I used a vintage dictionary page for the background and inked the edges with Tim Holtz's Distressing Ink! Yup you guessed it...the image came once again from I added a bit of glitter paint in places to this piece to liven it up even more! I added a white mother of pearl button to adorn her sweet pointy hat and a few clear flower gems(and the heart gem from previous piece) from Chrysti at at bottom of piece for interest!

If you would like to own one of these lil darlin's ...Come visit me at

I have a few items ending tomorrow! So you better hurry! :) Other items ending in just a couple days also!

And Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Creating!


Friday, July 28, 2006

Drum roll please.................. is past 8pm Eastern Standard time here and the winners have been drawn for the freebie giveaway!

Hubby and I decided to let our girls do the drawings of names and ACEO/atc cards...Hubby held the hat and our girls pulled names and cards for each!

I had to do the announcement tonight as our family has alot of things to take care of on Saturday!

So here we go....

The first winner is: ikkinlala! Congrats to you!

The second winner is: suzie q! Congrats to you!

The third winner is: stegart! Congrats to you!

You will each recieve 4 ACEO/atc cards that were randomly selected by our daughters!

Now what I need from all winners is an email with your home that I can mail them out as soon as possible!!!! Here is my email:

Yay! This was so much fun! Looking forward to my next freebie giveaway! You just never know beeeeeeeee reeeeeeeeeeaddddddddy!! hehe

Thank you all for playing! Hugs to everyone!

Happy Creating!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Spread the love!

A new found blog friend, Mary Ann busily cleaning out her studio of artsy stuff, and decided to do a freebie give away! I have seen others do this...and I think it is mighty wonderful!

So I thought why not!....I will give it a go! I may do this again in the future!!!

To start off this give away!....I have 3 sets of 4 ACEO's/atc's to give away to 3 individuals! I will be accepting up to 10 entries(just leave a comment on this post if interested in playing!) till 8pm tomorrow evening 7/28/06 Eastern Standard Time! One entry per person please! ..and then I will write each entry name down and have my hubby draw 3 random names from a hat! I will then have him draw 4 random atc's, 3 that way it is fair to all!

The 3 lucky winners will be announced, Saturday morning 11am(maybe earlier) Eastern Standard Time!!! Once the winners are announced, I will then need these 3 winners to email me with their snail mail addresses to send the prizes out! :)

I hope this makes sense lol.....Now get busy and post if you want to play! hehehe

Happy Creating!


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is it Christmas already? Naw couldn't be...

Christmas in July?! Yes definately! It's never to early to get going on those Christmas art projects! I had a blast with these...umm ya I was playing Christmas music hehe...kinda strange to hear it when it is so hot out! But it did put me in the mood to get these 3 ACEO/atc's done! :)

Then I came across a couple other images to do the next 2!

They are not Christmas themed but they were fun none the less.....The one showed here with the red polka dots
"Imagination" I thought this little girl was adorable and gave her some mighty big wings!

And I believe that saying is so true! Your imagination can take you anywhere you want to go and doesn't cost a thing! Well, I guess that all depends on where your imagination takes you hehe!

"Hopeless Romantic"...ahem...yes so I am hopeless when it comes to romance....I just adore this one! I used some of the handmade papers I got from Chrysti! They are so nice and just take to the piece so nicely!

I had one more to add....but after looking at it really well I realized that I had some of my small text words in the wrong places! hehe

Anywho....These all are up for auction on my eBay...

I am off to bed it is 11PM here and this old gal is tuckered out! Nighty night!

Happy Creating!


I have been blessed....

I truly have been blessed..Not only with a wonderful family but since the beginning of this year when I started showing my life has grown...and my heart feels so good, to have the friends I have met here! Y'all mean so much to me! My heart bursts with pride when I see my friends wings grow and grow and watched how your art has progressed over the last few months...I am amazed! And truly blessed to be able to call you friend! You have been such an inspiration to me. (no I am not going anywhere) this is a point in my life I want to always remember! So thank you my friends for coming into my life!

Ok enough mushy stuff hehe!

I did this art page a few days ago...with painted papers and face and hat image from "Be the change you want to see in the world." My change for the world is to make as many people smile as possible...With all the hate and war in this world and how people are prejudice against another individual...prejudice comes from ignorance....not knowing...not understanding....not taking the time to learn about other races or individual people....It takes alot of energy to hate....and so easy to just love.....and accept. I don't think I have ever hated anyone in my lifetime...including my ex husbands lol.....I hate what they did....but dont hate them....(I don't exect anyone to agree with what I am going to say) Same sex marriages...why are some people so against it? are they not happy in their own lives that they choose to hate? do they not care or understand and just easier to say they are against it? .....who knows! I am all for it! I feel if they are happy then so be it! Couldn't the world stand a little bit more love!?

Now sit back and think of all the good things you have been blessed with! You will see your life a little differently.......a child...a pet....a talent....think about all the things we take for granted and you will see how blessed you really and truly are! I love you all just the way you all have special things about you that make! "Friends are treasures you hold dear to your heart" ~ Me

Much Love and Hugs! Happy Creating!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Grrrrrrr! This blogger account is getting to be a real pain! I keep getting error pages and trouble getting photos to upload...and half the time takes for ever to get everything to post!

I am thinking more and more about that Wordpress blog...I am just thinking if it is going to be a hassle to get everything from here to there...and how much stuff will I lose....that would be like your journal or diary getting stolen!... ya know! I have put alot of time and effort into blogger and I just don't know what I really want to do.

I was going to post my IF challenge Opposites.(I put it on Flickr)..but got an error page....I really didn't get much of anything done my daughter was having her temper tantrums....ugh! I try to spend as much time with my girls as possible....they are just not grasping that this is not only my work but my dream. I have waiting many many years for this....but at the same time I don't want them feeling left out! It is getting harder to stay up late to I have the girls all day long....and they dont need a grumpy Mommy! And during the day is getting damn near impossible to get anything finished.....Soooooooooooooo....I will be slowing down till after the first week of August and mostly getting my art addiction in on the weekends....

Yup! Y'all guessed it....I am PMSing.... :P Maybe I will just hide out for a few days til I am in a better mood! Hate this feeling! PMS stinks!!!!! HA! If I hid during this time you wouldn't see the likes of me for 2 1/2 weeks!! Ya it lasts that long! I doubt I can stay away long....I would miss y'all too much hehe...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH forget all that noise!! I am getting published YIPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Scrap with Ally just emailed me with the wonderful news...2 of my art pages will be published in her new book...The Complete Idiot's Guide to Altered Art Illistrated! How cool is that!!! Can you tell I am excited here! LOL Thank you thank you Ally!!! Your the best!! You can see about what shes doing here I had forgotten all about my entry for publication! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Awesome! *GRIN*

Love and hugs! Happy Creating!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Love me tender love me true.............

Seen this puppy dog in a magazine and thought of the lyrics, "Love me Tender Love me true". I guess a continuance from my Childs play piece with the Love me tender theme.

I am not much fan for dogs as I am cats...but he was so adorable...I guess it is the little yip yappers I don't deal with...funny how I can handle bigger dogs compared to the small ones....the reason for that a child I was bit by a small dog on the back of my ankle...and literally chased me up a tree! lol....good thing I could climb trees and avoid another bite from this small creature....if you can visualize this it is actually quite commical lol....Just like when my cat sneaks outside (being an indoor cat) and a 41 yr old woman chasing this blessed cat around the yard...hes an ornery bugger lol...I am postive that my neighbors get quite a chuckle! But they never let on that they do....These neighbors have grown up here and keep to themselves...they don't say "hi" or "how are you?"....It is kind of sad actually. I would love to get to know these people....I have no one here to organize a neighborhood a BBQ cook off (erm grill off as they say) with a table full of ingredients and they have to use only 3...or maybe in the fall a Harvest party ....where tables are set up for children to paint their own pumpkins and win a prize and adults have a pumpkin carving contest...and serve hot apple spiced cider....Ok I am daydreaming lol...You know how you see these sort of families and their friends on tv...they look like they have the ultimate gatherings! Somebody pull me out of this dreamland...sheesh!

It just upsets me that people don't do these things anymore! Do you get what I am saying here...People are just too busy to get together anymore and have quality time! Do they not like having friends? Well one day when I am financially on top of things...I will take it upon myself to plan a gathering....get these people to open up and see how fun life can be!!!! Or maybe organize a crafting class of some sort....

Theres an empty building just up the road from me...a short walk very short walk...looks as if it were used for local produce sales or something to that effect....I would love to get a grant and fix that building up for an art mini art retreat for locals. I wanna teach darnit! LOL It would be great to have a once a week summer Kids Day to teach them the love of art and give them a bit of self-confidence! OHHHHh what a fun idea!

Well, I think I have rambled on long enough off to finishing up 6 aceo/atcs I started last night!

Much love and hugs and Happy Creating!


Sunday, July 23, 2006

What I have been doing these last couple days...

Two new ACeO atc's done in the sticky tape transparency technique. On bottomish left is "To Hope" and on topish right "Winter Wonderland" fairy! These are both now available on my eBay: You will be able to read more of the description there!!

New 4 x 4 Art Squared! "Don't Fret My Friend We Shall Soar Together". I love this little fairy and her small feathered friend. There is so many stories you could tell with just this one image!

This is also available on eBay!

I used a scrap of wallpaper for the background and the texture is see is gauze bandaging! hehe Gives it a nice texture and adds interest to this piece!

I have been finishing up many projects I had started and finally got them all finished! Whew!
I couldn't believe all the stuff I had going lol

This one is not up on ebay yet not sure how I want to list it just yet...especially on the shipping...I want to make sure I can afford this! This is a collage I did on 8 x 10 canvas...with acrylic painted background..."Pennies From Heaven For Me and You" with actually pennies adhered to the canvas( is this legal LOL) Sides are painted in a Island Green.

Actually alot prettier in person! With my poor photography...I am using a web cam on some of my pics so lighting is not usually good....The flower on her dress is a pretty silk flower I have in my stash...picked them up long ago at a craft store...Ya know all the ones that fall on the I asked for them me a huge bag of them! I placed a few gems to top off her crown! Not so sure I like the colors of them. The face image I got from The top of her dress was from another image I had found....her arm..a magazine clipping...
the skirt of her dress is a painted magazine paper! The wording I know is blurry but I used a label maker for them and used once again painted magazine scraps for the word background! The flowers she is holding I got from I'm telling ya have got to visit this place...they have affordable dresden trims (did I spell or say that right lol)and vintage scraps...and so pretty too! Check out the glitter scraps..they are so pretty in person! I love that store! I have one more item to add to what I have been doing but since this blog entry is terribly long I am just going to post it on Flickr...there will be 2 or 3 views on this sweet little bit of art....not sure yet as I have yet to take the pictures hehe....but I will tell you it is a functional piece of art!

Happy Creating! Love and Hugs!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

IMT challenge~Nancy B's Childs Play

This weeks IMT challenge Childs Play.....Isn't this face just adorable...I don't think I quite met the childs play challenge but.....I seen this cute adorable face in a magazine with that cute cuddley bear outfit on and just couldnt resist! This is done on a 5 x 7 canvas...border and sides painted in a pale baby girl pink....and added buttons to frame the picture! I am almost tempted to use the words from another piece I am working on to go on the right side on this piece "Love Me Tender."

I've got to run...I have a ad to type and before I can do that I need to finish a couple pieces for listings on eBay...and they had to go and raise listing fees ....ugh! I really didn't need that right now! But gotta do what I gotta do! So off I to make some breakfast for my crew and get on with all these other things! Tootles!!

Happy Creating and Love and Hugs!


Friday, July 21, 2006

A sticky tape collage just for me!!

I was inspired by IMT sticky tape collages....this is not finished by all means...but I spent last night scrouring magazines for images I liked and making sticky tape transparencies with them....the background is handmade paper and can be found at ArtByChrysti's Covet Me eBay store... you will also find wondeful works of art she has for sale and lots and lots of fun embellishments for your art needs! The image came in a package of goodies from her store! So pretty! Thank You Chrysti! There are so many elements in this piece I can't even begin to name them all but here is just a few...buttons from Vintage dictionary pages (found this dictionary at our local antique shop) Old book pages from books I got at a flea market....and images found in Country Home magazines...(they have some awesome antiques in there) ....

I am thinking this would look great in a white shadow box made to look shabby chic...with maybe bits of lace and maybe a small vintage medicine bottle or two and more buttons....

I thought of Judy Scott aka Jude with all her sweet quilts and floral fabrics...Jude is a fabulous quilter and artist....go take a peek at what she will be pleasently amazed at all the lovelies she has see more of her quilts and art you can see them here while I was just getting that addy for you all she has just posted an amazing piece of art! Her art and quilts just give you a happy feeling!

Artjunkgrl aka Lia is another friend and artist I thought about while making this piece...she is one fabulous inspiring artist....a junk artist who will create art with simple things that you might ordinarily throw out..for instance ..junk mail! This wonderful gal will spread out newspaper on her floor(which by the way she paints on them too!) grabs a handfull of junkmail and invites her children to come play and paint with her! You can see her whimsy lovelies at and also more lovelies and photos she takes of her so pretty!!

Now SuzieQ takes some totally fabulous photos on her journeys where she lives with her sidekick Stan(her beautiful chocolate lab) I believe this sweet gals photos would make it into magazines or prints to be hung in your home! I'm telling you they are gorgeous...She has the eye for capturing things in their natural state! Suzie see's things that some of us may pass by and take for granted! God created a masterpiece when he created the world and man and all the wonderful creatures of this earth! And Suzie captures it all for us! I hope to one day visit these places that I can only see in her photos! You can view her photos at Not only does she take beautiful photos but is also an artist....she has some fabulous art using inks and prismacolor pencils on Etsy .

and also...Darcy Altaville artist and owner of Darcy uses bright fun colors and she has such a whimsy feel to her art! She also has her images on tshirts, coffee mugs and much much more....I just received one of her cards in the mail and plan on framing it! It is such a fun card! All made from her original art! Check her out!!!

I have some items ending soon in my eBay store anything made from these sales will be for my daughters school supplies and clothing! So I hope you take a peek!

Happy Creating!


Thursday, July 20, 2006

IF sacrafice~ "A Mothers Sacrafice"

Yesterday I was so was frusterating just getting thru the day...I felt like a cat under glass with butterflies and birds teasing and taunting (with her tongue perched between her lips...she takes a breathe and blows a short but loud and quite satisfying rasberry)hehe

I suppose I don't need to fly everyday lol...guess it was Gods way of telling me to take a break and relax. Very hard for me to sit still very long unless I am creating something...even then I am jumping around and rolling across the floor in my desk chair.

Anywho...this is my piece for IF sacrafice. Titled, "A Mothers Sacrafice. The lady in the chair represents me and the 2 girls represent my own 2 girls....on the bottom left you cant see it but there is a note written to my girls as follows, " for my girls....I will sacrafice everything I have and everything I am to give you the life you deserve."

Now onto figuring out of how to make a thumbnail to put on IF website....I am sure I know how to do this..but the "how" eludes me. lol Chalk another one up to sometimerz hehe.

Sales are not good this month and from what I hear July and August are just not good for that...My hubby said last night that, "Just wait till all the children go back to school and then all you ladies will have all the time you need to shop." Least to say he got the raised eyebrow and a playful smack on the arm! LOL

He had a great day at work and told me that he really feels he will enjoy this job....After dinner I pointed him to his computer where there is a dozen sticky notes I left for him of job inquiries....I tell ya the sun is shining on him! You go hunny!

To all my blog sistas....I wish you a fabulous day! Each and every one of you are special and dear to my heart! You cheer me up when I am down... you support me when I feel I am give me hugs when they are most give me unconditional love that makes me feel like the luckiest person on earth! Thank you all and much love and hugs to you!!!

Happy Creating!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nancy B's Numeral art~ "Counting Her Blessings"

"Counting Her Blessings"
Each number represents important dates or number of things in my life that are of importance.

This is my first IMT challenge and enjoyed it tremendously!

This piece was done on cardstock with crayon, acrylic paints, text stamping, vintage photo, music sheet scraps, old dictionary page and book page, numbers are done with packing tape transparancy and added paper game pieces and an old cigar band.

Chrysti's and Suzie's Challenge

On the bottom left is a challenge given to me from Chrysti..Monochromatic/White ...I call it "Angels Watching Over Her" It was a tough one! Thank You Chrysti! It was definately a challenge hehe! As so was Suzies challenge of phychedelic art...Whew! Spent all last evening doodling and coloring the pic on the top right! What yall think! Last night was so much fun the whole family was sitting in the living room doodling something or another...and yes even hubby was involved....He helped inspire me to do this piece....he even drew some hippy art on junk mail! I finally finished coloring mine in this morning...did it with crayola colored pencils...Thank You Suzie for the challenge! I hope it was what you had in mind! I titled it, "Birth Of A New Day".

This morning I also added IF and IMT to my blog list of challenges for myself....the more I am challenged the more I learn and grow! So, now on to those challenges and getting some more art listed on eBay!

Love and Hugs to all! Happy Creating!


Update for this evening!

I wanted to say a Big Thank You to all my friends who said a prayer for my family! As of this afternoon my familys prayer was answered! My hubby goes back to work tomorrow! Yippy!!!
This has been an amazing day and feels like the weight and dark clouds were lifted and once again hear laughter ringing in our home! Thank you all! Thank You God! Dear God bless all my friends and family that their prayers are answered too! My wish for us all is happiness and peace! To enjoy the little things that come our way and not take for granted the people and things in our life! They go as quickly as they come into our lives! Count your blessings! The prayers that get answered be sure to stop where you are and give God a thank you! Remember all things happen for a reason and it is up to us to do our best with what we have and never give up! "Do not follow where the path may lead go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"~author unknown".

Much Love and Hugs to each and everyone of you!


Monday, July 17, 2006

Look what my blog sista Jude sent me!!!

Oh Jude! Thank you darlin'! All these goodies are so lovely! I feel loved today!!!! Goodies starting at top left is a beautiful fabric ACEO and so wonderfully embellished and comes with it's very own fabric pocket! Moving to the top right...and original collage by Jude aka Judy Scott!! I lurve it babe! If you move on down to the bottom left she also made me a fabric ACEO atc book that wraps up with pretty green silky bow! On top of it is a sweet lil ACEO atc card she made (it was tucked neatly in side the atc fabric holder book! Underneath the atc is a sweet card made by Jude also! I love it all Jude! It made my day girl! I am all excited I can hardly type hehehe...Thank you for sending me a ray of sunshine Jude ..Love you babe!

Now I got to find some special places for my goodies hehe! What fun!

Now I am sitting here listening to big band music and played two of my favs from Frank Sinatra and one by Bing Crosby...which in turn inpired me to create something with the names of the songs....No I am not telling! I am going to try to get Chrysti's challenge done today and then move on to the challenge Suzie gave me....Rollin ideas around...just hope it looks as good on canvas as in mah head lol...thats kinda scarey ya know...phsycedelic colors rolling around in mah brain hehehe....and to think it is all natural!! LMAO

Well I spoiled myself today! Shusssssh! Don't tell my landlords lol...I deserve it hehe....I got me a scale/postage machine....:D That way I know I have postage to keep eBay up and running! Actually it was hubbies idea...he knows I will buy for everyone else but you prolly figured I got my Paypal card today! It will all work out! I have faith in my family! Now I need to go finish a couple projects so I can pay for that derned postage machine LOL Then get Chrysti's challenge done and Suzies challenge started!! My head is spinning LOL bring on the coffee...or maybe not LOL

Love yall and Happy Creating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hello?! Anybody out there?!

Sure is quiet lately! Too quiet!

Spent today making some more of my ACEO/atc's...This is one I haven't listed yet...I did list 4 new ones today!

"Sweet Baby Love" created on cardboard covered with wall paper sample....those tiny hearts I cut out by hand lol Yikes...cut them from one of my painted magazine papers...I inked the edges with gold ink....the cute lil baby is from a collage sheet I got from a while back...this card looks alot different in person...the background is a bit more pink than purple and the text background is pink also.

A Very Happy Birthday to Lia aka ArtJunkgrl !!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Much love to you all! Hugs and Happy Creating!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Life's a circus ...why not become a clown! hehe

This is one of my new ACEO/atc's "Gentle Giant" there is more to it! You can see more views of this little piece on my Flickr click link below pic!

I am slowly coming out of my protective shell...I've been pretty quiet and I apologize for that....Just kind of hiding out for awhile and try(key word) to get some art done. Having a lack of interest to... but right now I have to keep going to keep from losing my mind lol....If I stop doing what I am doing ..I will just give up...and that isn't going to happen.....Lost my Something Two Crow About store but thats ok...There will be other chances to try again!

I still have my store on eBay..which btw is shrinking everytime I look at it...not just the lack of sales but the lack of funds to keep it stocked....I am going to hold on tight to this store with all I've got! This is my dream and it's mine and I am going to dang well keep it!! :) I will be sticking to making aceo's till it hurts lol....

Somethings got to give here soon! I have to do what I got to do to make all the money I can is right around the corner for my girls in August! I can't believe how fast the summer is going....This morning my hubby and I sat down and worked out a game plan for what funds will be coming will be a tight squeeze but I think we can swing it....He starts back to his seasonal job(God willing) at the end of August we just got to hang in there till then....It is stressful here and the kids are feeling it by acting out...not bad but its just not a good feeling for all....I think we all need to go outside and play a little badmitten (sp) or volleyball and work off this stress....If only I could get my lazy arse dressed ...just hanging out in my nightshirt all day..ugh! Well at least it is comfy! hehe

Blessings to all my Blog Sista's...and Suzie I hope you get better soon darlin! and to Jude...I miss ya doll....hope to hear from you soon! Lia and Chrysti ,Tara(think she fell down that rabbit hole again hope shes ok) and all you lovely people...Much love to you all and big hugs!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Inspired myself today lol

Inspiration can come from the strangest ...that is that I inspired that possible lol ..must be...I was painting on my magazine papers and it hit me...Hey this would look great on this page! hehe....well I like it anyway...the colors made me happy....happy enough to do another one! Still working on it....

Keeping this short and sweet because I need to let off steam in my other blog.

To all my blog sista's I send you love and hugs!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yup! I am still here!

I am still kicking! hehe.....Try It Tuesdays week 7 challenge... Altered Postcards using Photo transfers.....this was really really really fun! Even though I didn't have all the did teach me alot of new things!

Yes, Chrysti...I am still working on that mono/white piece....that one has really got me baffled LOL which don't take a whole lot lol....I will finish it though...that is a promise! :)

Then on to Suzie's physcadelic(sp) challenge....well...i do like wild it shouldnt be too hard lol Maybe cheat and get me some far out clothes and go go boots and take a ...ummm no...Lord knows I need some altering but that would be taking it a bit too far lol..

I am going to try and do some more of my new atc's like the ones with bright colors posted on flickr...then off to get me a shower!

Happy Creating!!!! Love and hugs to all!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Prayer For My Family

I know I made another blog for my gripping and groaning but this is a special piece and I wanted to share it with you.

As you know our family is going thru some tough times right now...and I was at the point of giving up today...I decided to try and put my feelings down on paper thru art.

The church image I found on Collage Images Flickr spoke to me because it reminded me of home and looks so much like the church my parents were wed in..

While I still lived in WA the church I just spoke of was gutted out by a fire. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I wish you all could of seen the inside before that had happen...The most beautiful statues and stained glass windows I had ever seen! What a shame.

After I finished this piece along with my prayers...I now once more feel hopeful again! This piece at a later date will be framed an hung in our home to remind us there is always hope.

Thank You for letting me share this with you!


Friday, July 07, 2006

I will be gone for most of the day...I have made a new blog for just my gripes lol ...You can read here what I will be doing with my day today....

I will be back later to post here, some art maybe if I have time...I am thinking the rest of the BOH layouts...

Much love to all my blog sistas and art pals!!!!



Thursday, July 06, 2006

It is raining again! Kind of nice and calming though!

"Memories" I suppose you could say that songs are my inspiration these last few days. It reads, "Pictures may fade...Memories will remain". I added some small metal eyelets to each corner of the words...except one I could only fit 2 eyelets on it. There are 4 image transparencies in this piece...3 of my where it is green is a picture of my grandfather and his brothers having a beer and a smoke lol...I had no clue my grandfather did either one of those things lol....the picture is faded a bit with a little help.....the second one in center in a pic of my grandparents....and in green at the bottom...barely seen is my grandfather and brother? friend? not sure...riding bicycles. The baby is an instant relative lol....and on far left is a transparency of a post card...Lots of stuff in this one!

And that green at bottom is actually a piece of Chrystis handmade papers I bought in her store....Lovely stuff!

I really can't explain why I am suddenly creating vintage pieces....I think maybe it is a part of Judes challenge of shabby chic she gave me.....I bet your wondering what happened to all the funky colors and Zetti is still with me.....guess I have to be in the right erm maybe wrong frame of mind lol to Zetti! It will happen....Could be my mood swings that bring on all these different pieces LOL ..... should call it Menopausal Art is up for grabs on eBay

I really hate advertising here.....but until things are financially stable here at home ...things will go back to normal.....Thanks for putting up with me!!! :)

Happy Creating!


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Remember When"

This was a fun Art Page! I am having fun making big messes hehe....Yes Jude! My studio is not organized anymore LOL....I love the shorthand stamp I got from
Lisa at Just makes the piece! Erm pieces...I have done 3 art pages hehehe...."Remember When"...remember what! I can't remember nuffin these days LOL...It's a wonder I get anything done!

Here's a lil saying I came up with, "You know how they
say that for every new thing learned we must forget one
thing remembered...if I can't remember anything...then I must of learned alot! " ~N. B. hehehe

Ya ok! lol Yup its official I've dun lost it LOL

Anywho, this piece is now listed in my store at: come by and see what else is new!!!! More a coming! *Grin*

Ohhhhhhh! Finally got the B&W collages sheets made...just need to get to a print shop! Which would be........???....Oh heck I don't know lol....Possibly later this month! Hoping!

Happy Creating!


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I am quickly getting addicted to these lil pieces of art hehe

Five more mini pieces of art done today!
If anyone can offer advice on what more I could do to these...
I would be most appreciative!..
I just feel like they are missing something! So, far I haven't found any embellishments to put on them....
a few...but, there are so many to choose from! LOL
I'm totally lost where to start!

This image I got from Lisa at
Ain't he just adorable! Thank you Lisa!
Kinda looks like me at the
moment....No! not the outfit!
The yawning! lol
"Tuckered Out" ACEO atc ZNE

These little gentlemen I got from ArtByChrysti
Now, how could you resist flowers from two little cuties!
Partners in crime to steal your heart!
"Lil Heartbreakers" ACEO atc ZNE

Well hmmm this one is hard to see...I will try and
fix that! Image from ArtByChrysti...Buttons from Lisa and I added some jute twine. If you can see
at the bottom I added bubble stickers that spell out..

Awww come on baby gimme a smoochie! hehe
Image from Lisa at
Fibers from ArtByChrysti Ok! I will settle for a hug! LOL hmmpf! hehe
"Sweet Love" ACEO atc ZNE

Alright! I know I have 5 of these lil buggers...the fifth one don't wanna post
for some reason. Guess I will add it to my next post! LOL

Happy 4th and Happy Creating!


"New Day Dawning"

A Happy 4th of July to all those who celebrate it! And a Happy Day to everyone! This piece was created yesterday afternoon..."New Day Dawning".....I was in a mood yesterday and was trying to keep hope and faith that things will get better here at home.....As I was mopping the kitchen floor yesterday morning....My hubby walks in...I am thinking wait a min...what are you doing home...but before I could say anything....I seen the look in his eyes and on his face.....the company he was hired by....canceled the contract for no good reason....and what doesn't make sense is they just set him up with his lil cubicle office, computer, name plate, pager, his own phone, security badge to get in and around the building......wth!!!! Neither one of us can figure it out....he has done nothing wrong! He is a hard worker and deserved that job!!!!! NOW is coming, bills are piling up and we just told the landlords when to expect rent!! For crying out loud...does it ever end!!!! God is really testing our faith and strength...has been since we have been together! What more do we need to do!!! I am scared to death y'all! I am sorry to dump on y'all like this..just got to get it out so I can move on.....pffffffffft! I am just so sick of this crap! Sure makes it hard for someone to stay hopefull, now doesn't it....Enough already!!! sheesh

Well that means I have got to work my arse off even more...and what ever funds come my way thru my art will be transfered to our bill account..... Oh heavens me! Why wonder I get depressed! LOL I don't take anything for it....don't like any type of medication....But I am about this close to knock on doors with my neighbors...holding a cup...."hey! can I borrow a cup of prozac"? LOL.....Ya ah hu....they already think I'm nuts...or wierd....*insert eyes crossed*

OK that is the end of my B & M for the day! Off to work I go! Not gonna let the holiday keep me from it!

Much Love and Hugs !!! And Happy Creating!


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Stuff I did today! I got a mess to clean up for sure! lol

"I Hope You Dance"

One of my fav songs! It is actually titled
and listed as "Dance"

"Garden Goddess"

This one I love! I am wanting a garden sooooo bad!

"Good Cuppa"

That sounds pretty good right now! A pick me up so I can go do laundry! UGH!
For Sale

"Hello?" Was so temped to add to the Hello? Pizza Hut? Thought maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea! hehe Made me giggle about doing it though lol

For Sale

"Her First Love" Awwwwwww! Come on everybody all at once now.....Awwwwwwwwwwww! hehe Love that cute!

For Sale

"Kindred Spirits" I think this is my fav! This reminds me of a show I used to watch...Anne Of Avonlea...SpellCHECK!! I think it is right! I used to have all of em on tape lol...Oh! and Anne Of Green Gables.....I thought they were coolies! lol Hey ya got to admit it is alot better than some of the (excuse the term) crap they got on these days!

For Sale

Ok I am done now....Gots to go do the laundry so hubby has clean clothes for work! Spoiled rotten man he is ! LOL

Happy Creating!

Much Love and Hugs,


For Sale

There is life after coffee! hehe

Just waking up here on Sunday mornin....drinkin my go-go juice aka coffee.....The image shown is my Shabby Chic challenge from blog sista Jude...This was my first attempt at the shabby chic....Not too bad I guess! It was fun and frusterating....Waiting for crackle to crackle is not fun LOL...Much like watching paint dry or water boil...anywho, you get the point! But I was pretty pleased with my results!

I got the image from the lovely Chrysti ! Thank you babe! The lil girl image is so beautiful!

I first started out with an old tin biscuit lid...kinda white washed it (had no idea what the he-double hockey sticks I was doin) then adhered the girl image and dictionary page bit to bottom....then did the crackle medium....while that was taking it's sweet time I made a sculptured heart from clay that you bake in your oven! Painted it white and used antiquing gel medium on it and wiped off excess.....after all was dry ..hmmm about another days time.....I added a bit of white paint very tiny bit around the picture to give it a dreamy look....then used antiquing gel medium again over all...and again wiped off excess....and I'm telling you what! Watching that crackle come alive, was the best!!!! I was hopping in my chair so excited to watch this happen! YIPPY!

Now I am working on my second challenge from blog sista Chrysti.....Monochromatic-White(hope I am spelling that right) She stated...That means no color now Nance! Wahhhhhhhhhh
I responded ...How about polka dots hehehe.....This piece is going to take me at least a couple weeks.....I ordered a couple items to add to it....cuz if you know me I love colorrrrrr....I had absolutely no white things to add.....I have added some painted white things (had to paint them white lol) ...The only other hints I will give you is that it is 13x13, and it is sentimental.....Aren't I just the evilest thing Muahhhahaaha! :)

Here's my offerings for this weeks stuff in my eBay store...

New ATC/ACEO'S ...some fun and funky and some cute and vintagy!

Folk art sculpture!.... made by yours truly hehe...."Party Skelly" pssst he's a candy container, but I suppose you can put what ever lil treasures you want inside! You will adore him, his smile will make you giggle! Well, he made me giggle hehe!

Prisim stickers...great for scrapbooking, collage, atc's, journal name it and they are so pretty pretty.... and one insect stickers ...these a funky cool baby!!

Collage goodie pack...50 pieces! Has old book pages, vintage dictionary pages, game piece and more!

I still have a few Art Pages up for grabs!!! These are all original (no prints)!!!

Ok, enough of that! I need me another cup of coffee...hmmm wonder if my hubby would notice if I moved the coffee pot into my studio LOL ....Actually the kitchen is 15 feet from me....ehhh call it lazyness ! Anywho! Tootles!

Have a wonderful day and Happy Creating
Much Love and Hugs!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lil devil he is lol

I know bad photo....LOL This lil creature I made about a year ago! "Devilish Costume" He must think he is trying to get away with something with a candy corn costume....he is still a lil devil regardless hehehhe! He is made from baked clay....secured to a wooden base....painted with acrylics and has a cute little black cat candy bucket! I'm tellin ya what I giggled thru the whole process of making him! I still do LOL

I have been challenged again!!! This time by the wonderful ArtByChrysti aka Chrysti...Monochromatic ....White!!! Thank you Chrysti....ahem brat! LOL hehe..Got ideas rolling around now! hmmmmmmm Whew! You girls are tough! LOL But I will do it!

Last night we bought fireworks! Yippy! No big thing here you can by them year round and they are legal hehe.....My girls had a little friend over to I gave them some popits to play with (little white paper balls that you throw at the ground and make a snap!!!) Then hubby got them out some sparklers....the little neighbor girl had never seen such a thing....they all got two a piece and had a blast!!! Hubby with his ornery out firecrackers lol And as it got dark we set off some whistlers(well thats what I call them.....they shoot into the sky like a crazy rocket and then expode into beautiful fun!!! LOL

Ok, I am off to go try out this monochromatic challenge of white....I know Chrysti ! No colors! Pout!!! hehe

Oh and Jude....its in the mail hehehe

Happy Day and Happy Creating!