Friday, June 30, 2006

Still working on Jude's challenge for me....

Here is page layout for my BOH 19 and 20. Not real crazy about these pages...I like the images...was trying out different colors.....But it is always fun to explore and learn things by accident and learn from mistakes too. The one on the left has a chinese take out box picture...I was craving chinese food from our fav resturant....So was my hubby...this was just before fathers day when we had planned to go there to eat...and thats when we checked our bank and had all that hubbub...You know the rest of the story LOL

I thought I would try something new in my ebay store....I now have collage goodie packets...with like 50 items in it....paper, game stuff ! LOL We will see how that goes! I also, got brave and put one of my sculptures up for sale....*biting fingernails* hehe.....

It has been really hot here in SC the last two days....girls were invited yesterday to go swimming at a friends house 2 doors down... I am so glad they made friends with this little polite and cares about her friends....The have another lil girlie friend down the other way...which I adore she is so funny and reminds me of my oldest daughter....Just happy and silly! Well both of my daughters are silly.....I have no clue where they get that from! hehe

I am still working on Jude's challenge of "Shabby Chic" ....The crackle medium didnt crackle as much as I had hoped for....but I have yet to add some antique gel medium to the piece....hopefully that will fill in the tiny cracks and make them more appearant...we shall see!
I hope to have it up by the end of the day ....but this is one project that seems to be taking its sweet time hehehe

Gots to go

Love and Hugs and Happy Creating!


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Keepin it simple...

Again sorry about my poor photo skills lol....Keeping it simple today..not going to talk yer ear off till your blue in the face LOL ...I get carried away sometimes.....

To start off with....Jude!! You are one silly nut...I love that! After reading Chrysti's blog, on her art, tips, and her needing to be challenged with her art....I think Jude and I had the same idea....Something funky with bright colors...I told her "and dont forget the polka dots" hehe.

The time has come!....As I would like all of you to give me a challenge...Take me away from my comfort zone!.....What would you like to see? Style? Colors?

I am not challenging myself much...and really really need to! I am doing the same ol art pages over and over, they all are starting to look the same with just diff images....What a bore!

Let me know what you would like to see!

Much Love and Hugs!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good News!

This morning I checked with our bank after my hubby talking to them last night and to my surprise this a.m. THEY GOT OUR MONEY BACK!!! YAY!!! We are not in the hole anymore! YIPPY! Ohhhhh and about our landlords and the extremely late rent payment...The realtors office they go thru to get our rent called us last night....and she said that the landlords are not worried about the rent right now...they said we can play catch up and just start with July's rent..they had also told the realtor that they were extremely impressed with the way we took care of their house....we have done some improvements out side and also keep our lawn mowed...probably the only ones on the block who care about how the appearance from the street looks....wonder when they drove by to see this....but it sure made us feel good....glad they didnt see the inside of the house LMAO....its not that bad as it sounds....its summer the kids are home and I only do my tidying up and basic chores...I will do deep cleaning as soon as they start back to school in the fall........We have also been working on our living room...has that rustic country feel....with french country yellow trim and americana wall hangings (btw I made them all hehe) I will show you when we are finished got some touch ups to do, and hopefully have some new furniture in there by late fall or early winter (fingers crossed).

Photo is of my BOH page layout 15 &16(btw am I a page layout behind lol...) ah well...I have things to list on my to get busy on that....Since I havent been doing a whole lot of art pages ...I am going to list some of my previous art pages that were ppl's favs on Flickr...and see how that goes....One in particular I am going to have a hard time parting with....Do you remember "Keeper of the Pod People" well thats the one lol.....Gotta do what I gotta do!

I did find me some paints online yesterday and puchase 20 the cheap kind erm affordable....I wonder how well they hold up as far as the aging process compared with the more expensive paints.....I suppose if I seal them well enough that shouldnt matter...I appreciate all the info you all offered on which paints etc...right now I am making a new wish list for either the Lumiere paints or Goldens fluid acrylics...they are both wonderful paints....and another thing I want to get is some 140lb hot press water color paper. I have water colors just havent done much yet with them.....I am better with oils...but yall know how long that takes to cure LOL

OK OK I know Nance shut up now..!!! lol Much love and hugs!

Have a wonderful and creative day!

Nance ( no i didnt spell it wrong everyone is calling me that and ya know what I like it !!!) Cept Lia who is calling me BRAT lol

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Decisions decisions....

Here are 13 and 14 page layout of my BOH....I love the way these turned out...especially the colors....

I have been contemplating for the last few days....of what kind/brand of acrylic paint I want....#1 I can find the cheepo acrylic paints online that accepts paypal...#2 the Lumiere paints are a bit spendy but not as much as some(just not sure they will do what I need them to do) #3 However I did find some really cool paints (bright lovely colors) on the stampington/somerset shoppe..."making memories scrapbook color kits" .......I like bright colors...I love the ones that Missy Judy uses or if you have seen in Flickr Allisonbees art(especially that red and blue she uses) those really look close to the ones I seen in the Somerset shoppe those colors! I know how it is with artists(I should know I am one lol) that we don't give away all our secrets....But for the undecisive ppl like me ....(heck when hubby wants to take me out for dinner he will ask where do you want to go...I will reply I dont care you decide...then I get the eye rolling look) I am not a good decsion maker....I just know the look I am going for with my art.....I don't want yall to give away your secrets....but youve seen what I do in art....which do you think would suit me best and give me that color I am looking for?.....I really hate to ask yall.....IM STUCK! lol....I get stuck I am asking for help!!!!! Before I go totally nutz(which btw aint to far off lol)....I am not trying to copy anyone...I just know what colors I like and what I would like to achieve with them....Have I confused you yet LOL....I am sure my answer is in what I wrote....Maybe I should take a chance and just ask a few artists what they use.....what could it hurt....but at the same time....So I am inquisitive!! I like to know lol....

The picture on the very top is what I bought from Missy Chrysti! YAY love her stuff....But I was quite disappointed with the mail hubby had a small package in the mail too...and the mail person put a thick rubber band around both and stuffed them in the mail box...UGH...I ended up with crinkly papers....Not happy with the mail person! I told Chrysti I was going to kick the mail car the next time it went by the house lol......The fibers Chrysti has in her store are gorgeous!!! I gots me some! If you want any she still has lots but shes cleaning out the store and making room for new if you want any its a good time to do so... Pretty pretties! I got another pic to show hope I can get it on here.....It is a pic of how I somewhat organized my shelf with all my goodies...actually I have a few pics...some of my little wooden tool box I found at a secondhand shoppe in Tennessee....well horse pucky!!! I can get them on here so I will post them tomorrow!!! Ahhhh well ...I have been spending alot of the last couple days just painting on magazine pages....that is as close as I can come to creating art right now....just not sure what I want to do next just yet....I am doing alot of thinking and writing notes as far as my new website goes....what I am thinking is just redoing the home page and maybe the buttons...and do a lil tweaking to the other pages...and then just move the site to where I want it....Call it indecisive or lazy LOL It just seems I dont have a lot of time right now to dink with a bunch of redesigning.....Ok shutting up now and going to paint !

Much love and hugs and Happy Creating!


Monday, June 26, 2006

About CD ROM's and your computer!

Well son of a gun....I lost my whole post! *#()@)_@ ...It wouldnt let me add a pic anywho! (grumble grumble) Ugh! my photos are aweful lol.....Sorry y'all...I will work on trying to get better pic's for you! hehehe

For my friends....If you bought a computer just for the reason of having a CD burner....Don't! You can purchase a CD ROM for about $50.00 (comes with burning software) and easy to install! Most all computer towers have a slot for them. BTW if you have any computer issues save them for later in the evening or the weekend and my hubby will help you with them...If we can't do it over the puter we can call you and walk you thru it all. So, don't be shy! Hubby is good at what he does and is always willing to help my friends out! Speaking of which Lia, I need to talk with you about what you told me last night....I didnt fully understand what you were saying til I got into bed last night and started thinking about it....and then the light bulb came on LOL I will email you shortly !!!!!!! :)

Hubby starts his new job today !!! YAY him!!! He was up at 5am and woke me up asking me to braid his med/longish hippy hair! lol ....5am (Yawn!) Ah well I am up now hehe.... Later I have to walk to the post office....I really dont want to walk that far!

This time I am saving what I typed just incase it dont post LOL

Happy Creating!


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Whens the last time you Defraged your computer??

Ok ladies! When is the last time you done a disc cleanup and defraged your computer??? Hmmmmm? hehehe....As much as we use our computers these two things should be done once a week! If your time is limited then at least do these once a month!

1. Go to your start menu....ya know the little button that says start start...highlight all programs.....highlight accessories.....highlight system tools.....a box will open up with a small "Disc Cleanup"...let that run and go get you a cup of coffee.

2. Go to your start menu again...Click start....highlight all programs....highlight accessories....highlight system tools.....again a box will open up....Click "Disk Defragmenter" This one will take quite awhile if you have never done it AHEM!!! or havent done it in awhile....So go create something wonderful while the computer is doing its thing! This program will help put files you use most in front and help your computer to run a bit faster.

So, easy! I do this myself.....its a simple task and a must to get the most out of your computer!

If your lacking disc space....What I do is put...lets say all my photos(family friend etc) in one folder and the burn them to disc....opens up more disc space....and now you have a personal cd to look at all your photos at one time!.......I do this with all my art too!(I do it like each season of the year...) Plus, You could burn all those images you get from Flickr's Collage Images(not for posting art)...and make yourself your own Vintage images CD!!! Cleaning your computer is so important!!! Think of it as one of the order for it to function have to take care of it!

Anywho!!!! Here is pics erm 9 and 10(I think, lol lost count) of the BOH....Sorry for the poor photography once again hehe. Much more fun to look at in person!

OMG I didn't get up till almost NOON!!! Yikes!! lol.....I have few days (I hope) that I can sit back and relax...pfffffft ya right...who am I kidding lol......Last night I cut out all my ACEO atc cards and put backgrounds on them....I got a ton of these lil puppies hehehhe.....I didn't have any mat I used one of my shipping boxes from USPS (Hey, lol they are free hehe) plus they are very sturdy(didn't I say this yesterday???? hmmm dejavu(did I spell that right? don't look right for some reason lol )....I dont get out much (hubby is usually the one to go to the print shop) so, these boxes can be mailed right to your door....hehehe
Ya call it whatever you, lazy....I dont care LOL....OHHHHHH if you want free craft supplies...check out your local home improvement store....often they if you can catch them at the right can get their old wall paper sample books or paint chips or the wood chip samples for wood stains etc.....I talk to much lol...I'mmmmmmm outta here! :))

Much Love and Happy Creating!


Saturday, June 24, 2006

I think the transparancy fairy came to visit me last night hehe

Here is what I did last night...I made up a whole batch of images to make transparacies! I will now have lots of them on hand when I am looking for that special piece for a collage! After reading Chrysti's tips on her blog on organizating your spaces. I spend the wee hours of the night doing just that! Looks more like an organized mess but I can find everything! I even made my own magazine holder out of a USPS flat rate box LOL ...Hey! it works for what I need! I may cover it with some groovy paper at some point!

I suppose I can give y'all another sneak peek at my BOH hehe! Pages seen here are 7 &8 layout

The one on the left with the pokey dots the background is actually a bright sunny yellow! Darn camera lol. This book has so much stuff to look at! Hmmmm wonder if I should auction it off hehe...What y'all think!!?? I would have no clue what to start the bid at LOL ...That is one of my downfalls...ugh! It is so hard to put a price on your own art!

I hope all of you enjoy your weekend and make some time to create something wonderful!!!

I am off to create some more goodies to put on my eBay.....BTW if you get time stop by and see what I have at eBay Also, any advise on my pricing and descriptions would be helpful!! Thanks!!!!

Much Love and hugs! Happy Creating!!!!


Friday, June 23, 2006

Busier than a beaver in a wood pile hehe

Well! Look who's been a busy girl hehe I got a total of 8 of these done and I am very happy with the way they all turned out. UGH! I am tired LOL Time to make another pot of coffee LOL

We got one heck of a storm here! Yikes....loud thunder and you could actually take a good shower outside LOL....Grab yer soap!!!!!!! hehehehe

Can I go to bed now??? Can I huh!? Nope can't got some things to finish up here. Just thought I would share this with you all. But, you prolly already seen them all on Flickr LOL SO0000, goodnight my friends and sweet dreams to you!!!

Happy Creating!


Brisbane!! Brisbane!! LOL

Good Morning All!!!! Here is page #5 and #6 layout for my "Book Of Hmm". I used alot of Lia's idea for painted junk mail on page 6. Even though I love TM's collage bits....I really need to come up with more of my own. I have maybe like 6 of my own face lol....Not much for inspiration there to use in my art lol....ahh well....The little crow head on page 5 is of my own....I think my little dress pieces are getting old...the same thing different day....anyone got ideas for new outfits for my creatures???? I know quit yer bitchin woman LOL ...I try so hard not too....really I do! ......I have been also working on a personal art is done in a magazine....ever heard of a mens mag called...Best Life....its a mail freebie so I am not complainin LOL shhhhhh......anyways the pages in this magazine are thick and have a nice feel to I said to myself ...why not turn it into a journal hehehe...When you limited to stuff on use what is available to you!

OMG I had this dream last night....that hubby and I were thrill seekers LMAO Strange hu?....I mean I am somewhat adventurous but not sitting at the edge of the ocean on the beach at full tide waiting for huge waves to hit and envelop you LOL.......I swear this wave looked like a tidal wave in a hurricane.....YIKES!!!! Then next I know we are in a hotel and I am grabbing luggage bags ...rushing around the room.....telling hubby come lets go for our next adventure....HOLY CRAP!!! lol .....the things I dream about...I have no idea what that was about...anyone have a dream analogy for this??? Whats your view? LOL

I need to get busy here....I have only created 2 images for my new site...for the homepage....ugh! What a chore!!! The idea for it and hubby and I talking about it was much more enjoyable than actually doing is tedious work.....

Oh Judy bring me a Tshirt back that says, "Brisbane" LOL Just kidding doll! I seen the birds eye view of where your son and daughter in law are living....They sure found a sweet spot to call home!! And so close to the beach!!! Beautiful!!!!

Off to do some creating...because if I call it work...I won't enjoy it LOL

Best to you all! Happy Creating!

Much Love and Hugs,


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ok heres tease pages #3 and #4 *grins*

Even with all the stuff I stuffed into them....I still feel a need to stuff more in the book well ....Anywho...I slept in till 10am this morning *shocked face* I was so exhausted from my previous events of the day before LOL....I don't think I budged this morning lol..Guess I will have to ask my hubby on that one hehe...Ok I won't say no more before I get myself into trouble with him LOL Lets just say I vaguely remember a birthday suit LMAO

I will post more hopefully as the day goes on....right now I need ALOT OF COFFEE lol

And when I am finally awake, I will work on Judys technique for this weeks challenge in TIT group...hehe those initials crack me up LOL ....I got an idea for this technique as far as the acrylics go...I want to mix a couple of acrylics I have on hand for a patina color and then with the rusty color.....Off I go to fill my cup with Java!!!!

Much Love to y'all and Happy Creating!!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

God shone light on me today!

"Your desire is your prayer. Picture the fulfillment of your desire now and feel it's reality and you will experience the joy of the answered prayer" ~Dr. Joseph Murphy~

Not sure what I did to deserve such a wonderful day!...Busy I might add....Today I got an email with a wonderful surprise!.....When I went in to check mail for the day...I was skimming thru what there was and one popped at me....A gift from Chrysti! From the ZNE community.....I opened it up...that lovely lady bought me a years subscription for ZNE!!! I was shaking I was so excited and crying like a baby over such a sweet gift....Chrysti you are one amazing woman! I know I sent you a gift via snail mail...I sure wasn't expecting anything in return......I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!.....HUGS to you darlin ...Check out her store on eBay she has some wonderful art up for grabs! Lots and lots...... Chrysti is one amazing artist!!!

So many good things happened today...not just for me but for some of my friends...Judy finally gets to go see her son and daughter in law and there first house they have bought. I am so excited for her.....This lady is one fantastic quilter....When you get a moment please check out her blog and see her quilts and art....It is all so fab!

And You Miss SuzieQ I so enjoyed looking at your photos today! You have an amazing talent with that camera of yours! All I ever get are pictures of fingers and feet LOL

I can't begin to tell you how much you all mean to me....That goes to all who I didn't get a chance to mention! You are loved but not forgotten!

Much love and Hugs to all of you!

Happy Creating! I am taking my happy arse to bed now lol


Yahoo is being a PITA (pain in the arse!!!)

Hello Y'all!!! I know you have been waiting for a peek inside my "Book Of Hmm" so I posted here 2 1 and 2 layout!!!...Now keep in mind there is nothing fancy about this is pure nonsense lol...just the way I like it hehe....It was about exploring who I a sense...and for me to learn how to let go....not to plan a page....just cut, glue and stick it on a page LOL....I have such a hard time with this....same with life...I cant seem to concentrate on one thing for very long...I am always worried about what I just previously did and thinking about what comes next.....Hubby says slow the cart down woman!!! lol....and just do one thing at a time...ya you mind just dont work that way....he makes me soooo jealous of his memory skills and how well he absorbs info....and doesnt forget it!!! Pffffffft!!! Hey hunny can I borrow your clarity hehe.....

Anywho....I would also like to let you know...I will be really super busy for a month or so.....I am going to redesign my main website....and move it to another location.....Yup...going to do some website is well over due....and my main website seems to be lacking that certain oooompf.....I am going to redo the whole thing and use my art for my webpages....but first I have to design the background and add details as I go....It's gonna take alot of coffee, hair pullin and lots of determination.....I have learned so much from my hubby about computers...and things I have learned on my own (which he was surprised at what I have learned on my own) between his geeky techy skills and my own we figured out how to build a website....and not pay a damn dime to use the website.....Yippy! Nope no website builder montly fees! Worth celebrating dontcha think !!! LOL.. Well anywho here is a peek at the page layout for my book.... Sorry once again for the image is much brighter in person than the image seen here.....I have got a nice camera on my wish list with Santa hehe....but I really want a color laser printer....maybe I have been good enough so far this year I will get spoiled at Christmas time LMAO...One can dream can't they???!!!! *BIG GRIN*

I hope I have enough page images to keep ya busy while I am doing all this website stuff lol....I will still blog daily if time allows....I am so excited about this hehehehehe...can't wait to get started off I go!

Happy Creating!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"The Book Of Hmmm" (picture tease #1 & #2 hehe

Front & Back cover and the inerds hehe Can you find Mr. Peanut?....He glows in the dark LOL
That's all you get today folks! I will work on more photos of the inerds for tomorrow! Keep in mind I am no photographer...duh lol....Colors are much brighter in person! I am off to try my hand at fabric ha! Wish me luck....:)

Happy Creating!


Monday, June 19, 2006

To hmmmm or not to hmmmm...?

To hmmm.....Yup! "The Book Of Hmm" is finished!!! Yippy! But just to tease ya a bit longer, I still have to get pictures of the book.....hopefully I will have them up sometime tomorrow!
Now the question you want to see the book all at once? or taunt you daily with a photo here and there of each page?......I will let y'all decide.....and then I will post the majority vote! hehehehe

As far as the bank changes to update you with.....but with a little faith and hope....maybe some good will come out of this....don't know how but, I am not giving up!

Was feeling a bit ill because of a bad stomach, due to no gall bladder (again too much information) Plus feeling a bit low on iron these days...yup! I am anemic....always have steam just went out of me..(if ever a door was left wide open for comment...thar ya go lol )..felt blah today.....after dinner time I sunk into my big comfy chair and watched Princess Diaries with my daughters.....hey! its a cute movie :P
I explained to them that the lady that played the queen in this movie was Julie Andrews the same lady that played the ever so loving nanny in Mary girls looked at me in disbelief.....I guess we are going to have to watch that movie now...just to save face LOL

Ahhh to be a child..........pffffft IIIIIIIIII don't wanna grow up imma toys r us kid....lalallalalala

Happy Creating!


Sunday, June 18, 2006

When things go from bad to worse....

Sorry no pic today....There is no pic to be found for the way I am feeling right now......I am so getting tired of this roller day happy one day sad.....##)$%*&#$....excuse my cussing and words today friends as I need to get this out.......As things are...we are still oweing rent for this month and next month approaching at a speedy race.....a car my husband can go to work at his new job...which doesn't start for another week......Here is what is going husband checked our bank account and I heard cussing and yelling from inside my studio...which I wasn't in at the time.....I came to see what was the matter....seems what little we had saved for our bills in our bank account has been depleted by some scum sucking lowlife SOB.....I really hope this As***** is enjoying this for us our next address will be coming from a cardboard box....God willing I hope our landlords will be understanding of this situation......As for my much for dreams.......from the look of things will most likely have to close them....unless some Miracle should happen......I ask you my friends who visit me here......Please Please....say a prayer for us! I can't take this no more......NO I am not going to do anything family needs me now and I have to be the strong one hold things together.......Dear God I need your strength and will to help me get thru this and to bless us with your love......Amen.... I have no more tears left to cry....the well the come from has went dry.....I again apologize for letting loose I couldn't think of anywhere else to let go....Thank you for bearing with me.



Saturday, June 17, 2006

I am just a big kid..hehe

This piece was made for Try It Tuesdays group for this week 5 challenge held by Chrysti. I encourage anyone to join this group it is so much fun! So many people have joined and it is so inspiring to see what everyone creates with each weeks challenge..Every week there is a new challenge posted and prizes for entries. Come take a look!
I titled it, "Make Me" hehe.....I just couldn't resist the big kid in me on this piece! I am painting some beads I made from Sculptey Clay (the kind you bake in your oven). They are almost done, but I am still deciding on how or what to use as the hanger.

Be sure to check out Chysti's art, she has some amazing pieces up in her eBay store! She also has some awesome collage goodies for your collage and scrapbooking needs! I am still saving up so I can go play in her store hehehe...SO much stuff I want to play with!!! Beautiful handmade papers, skeleton leaves, fibers(lots and lots of fibers) and tons of other embellishment goodies!

I also have lots of new art up for bids, if you would like to check them out heres the link... I have 10 Fun fabulous quirky collage sheets available at anytime! At only $3.00 each!!! What a bargin! Plus, I will combine shipping on multiple wins or purchases!!!!! Can't beat that! Be sure to check often as I will be adding some new collage goodies soon! I am now shipping worldwide and accepting Money Orders!

Happy Creating and a Great weekend to you all!

"You will recognize your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need". ~author unknown~


Friday, June 16, 2006

Mind and Body

This piece is up for bids in my store on eBay...3 hours left if you would like to have it for yourself! I also have a buy it now price on this piece if you haven't got the patience like me to bid and wait lol .... I also have 10 fun and quirky collage sheets available!!!! (these are always available at any time).
Last but not least I have a few $1.oo items for you to purchase and use in your collages or scrapbooks! Check it out! Limited supplies on these $1.00 goodies!

I promise to have more art in my store soon! And I am currently looking for more collage goodies, embellishments to add to my store! Decisions decisions !!! In the process of working on some new collage sheets....I have got to get me a color lazer printer, it would make this process so much easier lol....

Hope you take a lookey and wishing you a great day!

Happy Creating! :)


Update....New art added to My eBay store!!! Lots of it this time! :)

This has been a very productive day.....Thanks to good friends like all of you who visit me here and kept my spirits up....Thank You Thank You! I managed to get some collage sheets prepared (no peekin yet...might have them up on my eBay later this summer) Got a piece done for Tryittuesdays....and started a new art journal Just FOR MEEEEEEE lol...about damn time too....I havent done any art for me since...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...Oh and speaking of Hmmm The Book Of Hmm....almostttttttt readdyyyyyyyyyyyyy! A little tweeking here and a little there and it will be ready to show......Muahhhahaahha .. got to go get errrrrrrrrr dun!!!!

Much love,

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

To Market To Market......

This is an Art Page I finished this morning, "To Market To Market.." Yesterday I was browsing the grocery store ads and clipped out these lil pictures of strawberries, taters and maters...And thought I would make an art page with the them of the local produce markets that I miss so much.

I am feeling somewhat better today....but on the other hand didn't sleep well with the buckets of rain pouring down all night...usually I enjoy the pitter patter of raindrops....we got the end of the hurricane with winds and lots and lots of rain....we have huge puddles of standing water in our yard...That is what worried me all night...was flooding....just not what I need right now lol....

I am working on my "Book of Hmm" today....trying to get it done....some have mentioned wanting to view this book.....ah ah ah! You have to wait till it is finished hehe....I'm such a tease lol. It will be done soon 3 pages to go and still have the back cover to finish and then add some frillys to the outside...

Things will catch up here soon at home...financially wise....Hubby starts his new job the 26th...a very good job at that! I am so proud of him! He however will be on a yearly contract with this I am hoping and praying at the end of this contract that they decide to keep him...not only does our family need this but for him also....something steady...I so hate to see him stressed out....He deserves this job and has worked so hard the last 5+ years to be an accomplished IT....

Happy Creating!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ready to throw in the towel...and a very wet one at that!

No pictures today....I suppose for every good day there is a bad day....hmmmpf! I just got thru PMS didn't I??? Well it is definately not PMS this time round....Not too long ago I only had a washing machine and our house looked like an indoor clothesline...with clothes hanging from every available space......about 3 months hubby bought me a dryer...used...but I didn't mind at all...anything is better than spending time hanging each individual piece of clothing up to dry.....Today my youngest daughter asked if she could push the start button when I was finished putting clothes in the dryer...sure why not I said....well when I was finished and closed the dryer door....instead of gently pushing the start button my daughter slapped it a good one....least to say now my dryer is took everything I had not to scream....I swear this girl breaks everything in her grasp....I am short 3 coffee mugs of a set....I wine glass short of a set that I use at holidays.....ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!! I am not looking for sympathy here or pity....I just wish I could keep things in this house....bills are behind and if it is not one thing its something else......Today I just need to vent this steam off somewhere...sorry to leave it on y'all.....

Much Love!


Update!! Hubby came home and I told him about the dryer incident...I asked.."can you fix it"?
He walks in the laundry room...pushes the dryer button....and it starts.....ugh! Figures LOL
I got upset for well! hehe


Monday, June 12, 2006

Princess Zetti's Good Day

I'm not grumpy anymore.....It is safe to come out now lol...Had a pretty good day today...feeling more like myself again....

This is one of my many painted papers...which I have been eyeing for awhile now...wondering what in the heck I was going to do with this paper....I doodled and journaled over the entire paper hehe....Then added a few TM collage pieces and made a few of my own....As for the bottom piece you can probably guess what I also did today....made a two layer round chocky cake.....Although I don't eat family loves it! Now if it were pie! I would take a slice of that...anything but banana cream pie....aweful allergic reaction to banana's....erm not a perdy sight lol

Today started out clear skies and sunshine and very warm...had AC on by 9am...and now...severe thunderstorms and pouring buckets...but it is not such a bad thing...I actually love storms like this....nice and cozy in the house with family and spend time creating or watching a movie....Yes! A movie sounds really good and some super buttery popcorn to boot.....See y'all later! :) ..........Still looking for those elusive stripped leggings here Judy LOL

Happy Creating!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wild Thing......I think I lovvvvvvvvvve you.....

Hehee...I have been playing with my crayons and paint again! Wish the scanner would of captured the true colors....Sooooo much better in person...the blues and greens are so much more vibrant....the blue is almost a turquoise and the green more of a teal.....I wonder if I can do this on if only my order for them derned canvases would come in ...then I could test it out...think I am going to do a few more...these are so much fun!

Happy Creating!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Other Half

The half that keeps me from totally losing it, the one that tells me, "No! You may not go dig yourself a hole out back. The one who tries to keep me from going in to PMS crisis by getting me chocolate and something salty to eat(and then run lol). The one that says, "I have confidence in you". The one who says, "I love you"....and means it. The one that calls me, "Brat" ya I love you too my "Creep" hehe. Our little pet

This is my husband Bob....he is my soulmate for life and then some. My sweet hippy dude. Along with my children he is my life....without him I am only half a person. He makes my heart, soul and life complete.

Ok I know...enough mushy stuff already LOL......I am soooooooo PMSing...Moody, grumpy, etc.

I am sitting here in my classical playing....helps soothe the beast lol.....I have been staring at a blank piece of paper all day....wanting to create....and dangit! Nothing.....major block.

Think I will go sleep ....


Monday, June 05, 2006

3 must be my lucky number...Ha! I wish!

I just had to share isn't finished yet, but here's the thing....Things have been happening in 3's ALOT lately.....remember the (3) ring circus page?! Now this...Hmmmmm.....I don't get it!
Basically what the page says in the background is what has been happening in 3's.....So if you can read the middle guys body....hehehehe....Can I do that? Use that saying? I thought it seemed fitting LOL.....I wonder what all this (3) business means.....wouldn't it make you wonder? (insert raised eyebrow here) .....another thing with this (3) stuff....on eBay I sold 4 atc's right?...well the forth one I am still waiting for a has gone unpaid for erm 3 days....get the picture here.....My hubby even got the (3) thing going on (now now get yer mind outta the gutter LMAO) He was set up for a phone interview...well the first two times they had problems and couldn't ON the 3rd day they finally called......ahem 3 times a charm(shaking head) BTW we are still waiting for their answer of yay or nay......... Does anyone get this?...cuz I sure don't! .......let me know if ya do...cuz I would surely hate for anything bad to happen in 3's.....

Anywhoooo Happy Creating!


Saturday, June 03, 2006

3 Ring Circus

Just finished this piece..."3 Ring Circus" ...the character with the funny hat would be me lol....Been raining off and on here in the Carolinas....and that means havoc in the, their friends, pets(ok one pet..feels like more) It's like a circus in my house and not the fun kind mind you!

Can I change my name to something besides MOM or Nancy!? I surely need an escape....I have 3 other pieces I am working on and would like to get them finished.....

Closing my dreaming here....Oh! I see myself on a tropical beach somewhere...on a nice big hammock...sippin margaritas (though I don't drink, I sure would mind a couple of them!)....I have a nice big juicy novel in phones, no computers, no kids, no hubby(sorry dear!) just happy lil me breathing in and out.....oh and no cooking! Amen to that! Hey cabana boy!!??? Hee hee hee...

Happy Creating to y'all !


Friday, June 02, 2006

What do you see?

I was up late last night painting backgrounds on cardstock for my collages....Seems this is the only time to get anything done.....This is the results....I see something! Don't you?...What do you see?...I would love to hear it!
I won't tell you my answer or hubby's answer of what we saw till I see what the verdict is from y'all!

Have you ever stared at the wallpaper in your house or woodflooring or paneling...or (ahem) the back of the bathroom door? lol and seen like faces or animals or whatever?....ok maybe not...I'm just wierd like that lol.

I did three different backgrounds but at 3 am my eyes wanted to call it a my daughter said once when asked if she was tired (you could see her rubbing her eyes and yawning) she stated ..."Nope Im not tired ...just my eyes" LOL silly girl.

Speaking of my daughter she just walked in and wanted to practice crocheting a chain....she still hasnt got the concept...but at least shes trying.....I haven't crocheted anything in a long long time....I used to make afghans(is that the correct spelling?) I am still looking for the Navajo(again spell check) pattern.....I would love to make a blanket for my girls and hubby...if anyone has this pattern let me know....Thanks!

Happy Creating!