Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mosaic created by my dear friend Judy...Thank you so much sweetie!

1. Be Odd(sold) 2. Brothers 3 3. Be True 4. Faith 5. Her Majesty's Secret Garden. 6. In Her World 7. Joyful Song 8. Dreams Are Made Of This 9. Keeper Of The Pod People 10. Let Art Happen 11. Live Your Dream 12. Set It Free 13. Imagine 14. Art Doesn't Always Have To Make Sense 15. Listen With Your Heart(sold) 16. Today Is All I Need(sold) 17. The Trees 18. Dare To Dream 19. Positive Attitude 20. Crowns Are Extra 21. Faded Memories 22. Flight Pattern 23. Happy 24. Diversity Street 25. Be Different

Whew!!! Can you tell I had to type it myself LOL....Darn thing just wasn't working right....

Well Judy...together we did it LOL

Hey all good news!!! I opened another store (ya I'm nutz, hehe) Please check it out and let me know what you think....mostly for advice...I would so much appreciate it....Love to y'all.....I am so dab burned tired.....zzzzzzzzzzz..... lol heres the link http://stores.ebay.com/Nancys-Art-and-Supplies Still haven't figure out the tiny url thingy majig....ugh..will do soon!

Off to bed I go....Happy Creating! See you in my dreams.............

Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...la la la la

This is a doll I made about a year ago (could be longer lol)
The Uh Oh doll....regardless of her differences she still smiles and has a heart just like all of us....She was purposely made this way.....That no matter what our appearances we are wanting and needing love just as much as the next person....and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...beauty is only skin deep....beauty lies within our minds and our souls...not what is on the outside.....at least that is where I find the beauty in a person....

All my life people kept telling me how beautiful I was....UGH I hate that....they were looking at the outside and not looking deeper of who I was inside....Inside I was screaming..."HELLO....I've got insides too! Take a look get to know me!

Like they say there is more to a book than it's cover...you have to open the book to understand it's contents....

I spent most of my years taking care of others (still do) just not physically able to work outside the home......The wear and tear of being a Licensed CNA took a toll on my bod...at the age of 41 now...I have arthritis thruout my entire body....ya it hurts....but I just keep going....I am not going to let that stop me from doing the things I love and taking care of the people I love dearly....About 6 years ago...I was in a minor car accident....well the results was whip lash...my neck and shoulders hurt and burn constantly.....the car was titled "totaled"....from working as a CNA...I have something out of wack in my upper back....the pain is unbearable at times.....but I don't let it get me down.....uh uh no way.....so much more to enjoy.....I just think about how little my pains are compared to what Jesus went thru for us....despite his own enemies and non believers.....he never complained....so I try to keep this in mind.....When I got friends here and my family at home.....then I have the best life can offer....Thank you Judy, Suzie, Lia, Tara (whereever you are ) and to you Chrysti..and to anyone I missed ....Hugs to y'all...I don't know what I would do without you! Blessings!

Much Love and Happy Creating!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Try it Tuesdays week2 challenge Transparency technique

I think she's got it! I think I finally accomplished the antique look to my art....what do you think?
This piece is created on a 9 x 12 canvas board. I made 5 image transparencies...4 of the old letter image for the background and 1 image transfer of the two little girls...I used this canvas that I had previously used for last weeks challenge...it was an orange and yellow background..I didn't care for it particularly...so I grunged it up with more paint and Tim Holtz's Distress Ink.....Think I will try more of this antique looking art hehe. But I am fond of my quirky zetti art more...so it is pretty hard to tear me away from it....but I like variety.

Happy Creating!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Inspired by Lia

Painting purdy pictures la la la la la....ACK! Bad picture eh? lol I was inspired by Lia aka ArtJunkGrl.. on one of her blog posts....where she sits down on her hardwood floor with her kids and a variety of paints and her junk mail....and just paints to her hearts content on little bits of paper to use at a later time in her art creations....

So, I grabbed a handful of those annoying little bits that fall out of magazines...you know the ones...business reply cards....and grabbed random paint colors and went to town.....I think I did about 20 of these yesterday....and it was just so much fun that after the kids got home we did more of the same together at the kitchen table.....they are hooked! lol and so is their mommy hehe...Thanks Lia for such wonderful inspiration! Much Love....

Happy Creating!


Monday, May 22, 2006

To my surprise this morning while going thru blogs....I was pleasantly suprised to see my name and art mentioned at: http://susanreynolds.blogs.com/museumofpaper The Museum of Paper stuff artsy people need to know....This place is chalked full of information all us artsy people need to know.....places to display your art in a portfolio....Mail art call Theme show for adults who play with crayons...hehe (raises hand here...love my crayons!) They even showcase Top Tool Picks...you just have to visit this place! Thanks again, to Susan Reynolds and to Darcy Altaville from www.bluejudestudios.com Again please make time to see Museum Of Paper ! :)

BTW this lovely Art Page of mine is up for bids on my eBay auctions....only a couple days left to bid.....take a look....and Happy Bidding! To see this item and more click here http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsomethingtwocrowaboutQQhtZ-1

I so need to learn how to make tiny URL's lol.....If you know how let me know! Thanks!

Happy Creating!


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Encouragement can come from a small voice

Sorry for the poor scanned image....a small collage wall hanging I made awhile back.."dare to dream"........The reason for today's blog is a letter my 8 year old daughter wrote to me...My heart burst with pride and my eyes filled with tears....happy tears....This young life so soft spoken and shy.....has a heart so big that I can't even begin to explain....for someone so quiet she definately has big dreams and thoughts in her mind that are beyond her years.....This is what she wrote to me: "Dear Mom I Love You so much...In my heart I love you...you are the best mom......Your craft is good...you do different color paint on your art...You can do it mom I know you can mom....I Love you Mom. ......Now isn't that just a tear jerker....lol I am still tearing up over here lol.....For such a small girl she sure knows how to make you feel great! She is so amazing ....I know she will go far in life....it is just that soft heart that worries me.....hmm wonder where she got that from hehe....What a special girl God gave me.....Thank you God for her and Thank you my daughter for loving me so much! I love you too! Hugs Mom

I am blessed! I hope this post encourages all my friends to never give up! To always believe in yourself and your dreams....there is so much life to live out there and so much to enjoy....so many people to meet and so much to experience....remember one thing.....all things happen for a reason.....for every bad thing there is a good thing....and everyone that comes into your life has something to teach you....it may not all be good...but it is what you learn from it and how you apply it to life.....how you use your experiences...so go out there! The world is waiting for you....you ARE capable of great things! So, here I pass this encouragement on to you!

Much Love and Happy Creating to you all!


Saturday, May 20, 2006

My new altered book..."The Book Of Hmmm"

I so love the way the cover for this project came out....woohooo! (insert dancing smilie here)
I have already begun the process of ripping out pages and gluing some together...got a few in clips drying now...ok so I couldn't wait...I just had to create the cover lol....a blank canvas just begging to be altered hehe....This is the book I spoke of in the previous post...anyone that wants to join me in making your own Book Of Hmmm....just say the word...I will offer any advice or ideas that I can muster up...if I don't know the answer...I will search for it! :)

Happy Creating!


Found another art page

Another art page I haven't had a chance to share with y'all....This was created about 2 weeks ago.....Ya it doesn't make much sense does it lol....most of my art doesn't...kinda like me...just ask my hubby he will tell ya hehe....I tell him you don't have to understand it...sometimes I don't even understand it myself....I just tell him it is fun....it is the process that I enjoy....he says it is different...I just smile and say, "Yup...Just like me".
Still drinking coffee over here....I think it takes me a good pot of it just to be considered awake...the rainstorm woke me from my slumber....was I actually asleep this time??? LOL I think so....hmmmmm.....speaking of which....I am starting a new altered book...."The Book of Hmmmm". Actually my second book of hmmm....but this book will be of things that are totally and utterly nonsense....Just fun....a book to just let the art flow take over and cover the pages...no set rules....you know why....because I can LOL(insert big grin here).....I would like others to join in the fun... if you want to do a book like this let me know!....Hugs to y'all and Have a beautiful weekend!

Happy Creating!


Friday, May 19, 2006

The serious side of me.

This picture has not been shown to anyone, but to those who may visit here...This is a page out of my personal Journal Art Book (one of many lol). "My Muse". It also reads, Muse it or lose it"....this was made at a time not too long ago, when my muse tells me...Just do it....and also alot of I cannot sit still for long...or just do nothing....I always have to be doing something.

Alot of ppl see me as; talkative, goofy, artistic, or look to me for advice....Most of the time I am happy go lucky....but I DO have a serious side....I find it hard to trust ppl due to past experiences and I choose my friends more wisely now....even at the age of 41 I still have those issues...Tell me..why is it so hard for some to ...Just be themselves....is it really that hard to be honest with someone and themselves....because I will tell you , I have met alot of ppl online that can sit behind a computer and be someone they are not....such a farce....and WHY??....wouldn't they rather be themselves and have fun, than leave their computers with their unhappiness.....and then get themselves all caught up in their own lies....I mean really! Yes I spend alot of time on my computer....not much choice...I am stuck at home mostly...In a new State...don't know anyone....I have met a few ppl...but not someone I would call friend....If I ever do meet any of you....you will find I am the same in person.....good ol goofy me....I am just me. I have my bad days yes! But I deal with them and move on from there...because there are so much many more things to enjoy than to sit idle and mull and dwell over them. And no I am not drinking lol ...I don't drink....this is normal LOL whatever that is....I'm an artist....and if your an artist...I am sure you can relate in some matter lol....Much love to all and hugs!

Happy Creating!


BOD Last 2 pages "image tranparancies"

Well not so sure about these last two pages....great intentions though....Page on left in red "Dreams of going home" ...missing my mother so I did packing tape transparancies with images of my mother as a baby to early adulthood....I thought to use red...being that it is her favorite color....but results seem a bit ummmm errr wickedly...not in a good way....the last page ....I totally spaced the transparancy thing....haha! ahh well.."Dreams of dancing by the light of the moon"....not so happy with this one either...but the process was enjoyable....That is all the pages I can stuff into this scrapbook....next time definately using an old text book.....still going over ideas for "windows" or "niches"....all I have left to alter is the inside of back cover of this book...so thinking some sort of window for this.....Been busy playing with the Try It Tuesdays week 1 technique....hoping that whilst doing that, some idea for my BOD will arise.

Happy Creating!


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Try It Tuesdays Week 1

Week 1 Try It Tuesdays technique challenge using The Altered Diva Karyn Gartels paint technique...It was an interesting process....although I warn ya don't try this when your PMSing LOL...all in all its a fun and wonderful technique!
Thanks Karyn for submitting this technique and Thanks to Chrysti aka ArtByChrysti..for starting this fabulous group!!!

(Hubby)--Thanks to all you people I now live with a monster!!

Ha Ha to my hubby....lawdy LOL

Happy Creating to you all!


Oops! Almost forgot....I have some original art pieces up for auction on My eBay!!!...I welcome all comments or suggestions... http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsomethingtwocrowaboutQQhtZ-1

Thank You for looking!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What a day!

This one I did as an Art Page....not part of my Journal Art.....looks really cool in person....just wondering if it is possible to auction them like this on eBay....hmmmm.....anyone have any comments regarding that idea?...I could really use an opinion....Thanks

Happy Creating!


Monday, May 15, 2006

Journal art page

This is proof that art doesn't always have to make sense. I started with a different background didn't like it. So, I covered it with orange tissue paper...It was a fun and definately sticky process lol. Not much of anything of yet to really tell y'all today......just thought I would share this with you!

Happy Creating!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

I wasn't going to post today..but...

But after reading ArtByChrysti's Blog...I changed my mind....I was having day that just wasn't going well. She picked my spirits up with her favorite things! Thanks for sharing that Chrysti! You work so hard...and your an all around great person and artist...Blessings to you girl...glad to see your taking time to just relax!

I decided to take a picture of some of my favorite things...my toys hehe...bad pic, but just seeing all those colors just takes me to a happy place. Yaaaaaa I am pmsing! Ugh. I too went on a binge and bought me some canvas's and TWINKLING H2o'S. WOOHOOO! Got my fix for awhile...I think it was a bit of "shopping therapy" lol.

The simple pleasures in life is the important thing to remember when your day, week whatever is just not going smooth....My childrens smiles, hugs, my hubbys laugh, sitting all together at the dinner table, The little things are what matters the most. And of course my so ever dutiful fat brat cat Mr. Felix...always at my side...where ever Mommy goes he goes. Hugs to all! Hope y'all find time to just let go and relax tonight.....TTFN.....Nancy

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BOD Week 3 pg 12...challenge "transparancies"

Last entry for today. (Be sure to scroll down I have added other
pages, Thanks!) Dream thought for this page "Find Your Voice". Often when I dream at night...I open my mouth to speak and cant be heard...not a single sound comes out....hmmmmm. I used a blue crayon to start my background and then used a dark purple and bright pink colored pencil over that. Looks way more better in person.
Images in center from Teesha Moore...Bug people images are my transparancies, also from Teesha Moore. I made a library pocket at bottom and covered it with an old book page and colored over with a purple crayon and bright pink colored pencil. Inside is a piece I printed out on my puter..."When our Hope, Faith and Belief transcend into clear knowingness...we are truly awaken to experience all the Beingness can offer". Image on front of pocket is also from Teesha Moore...Ok me tired going to go relax!

Happy Creating!


BOD Week 3 page 11 challenge "Transparancies"

I used the packing tape transparancy(hmmm spell check?) technique. First I went over the page with a pink color crayon, followe by a yellow colored pencil...For the word dream and flowers in white..I used a clear wax crayon(ya know the ones you get in easter egg kits)hehe....then went over it with a red glaze. The baby image up top is from Tuscan Rose...which is what I did the transparancy with. Behind it is an old insurance card from my mothers work place that they no longer use. Doused it with some antiquing gel and whiped off excess with paper towel...at bottom right I made a pocket with a scrap of dictionary page and placed a cutout from a collage sheet from Tuscan Rose...shes a little paper dolly. Got this idea from Tara(thanks girlie!)

Happy Creating! One more page for the day to add!


BOD Week 2 page 10 Challenge "Layers"

This page has lotsssss of layers...first layer is old music sheets adhered to my page...then scribbled over it in multiple colors using colored pencils and crayons...I then did two layers of glazes....YES arstymama my concoction of gel medium and acrylic paint LOL....first color was done in "yellow ochre" OH wait 3 layers...next is I used a coffee bean acrylic glaze and then black....Images are from Tuscan Rose and then added stickers from Real Life and Sticker Studio...In center it reads "Dreams of Grandbabies" that is a ways off...by that time I will probably be toodling around with a walker LOL. Above in left hand corner is a dictionary entry for "Grandmother". Yes I am looking forward to being a grandparent... miss those little baby chubbers and giggles.

Happy Creating!


Book of Dreams...New pages Week 2 pg 9

This first one is part of last weeks challenge for layers.
"See You In My Dreams". Face image and cone hats purchase
from Teesha Moore. Dress and bird image of are my own. Added
plastic letter tiles "Dream" I can no longer find these tiles...can
anyone direct me to where I might find these?! Thanks.

Happy Creating!


Try It Tuesdays!

TRY IT TUESDAYS! Come sign up and join the fun....Meet new people, learn new techniques each Tuesday and get a chance to win some lovely prizes!!!

This new group is founded by; ArtByChrysti!!! You go girlie!

Visit here for information and how to join this fun group! http://tryittuesdays.wordpress.com/

Also, to answer any questions you might have concerning Technique Tuesday visit us at:
http://www.flickr.com/groups/tryittuesdays/ Chrysti has places here you can find informative answers to your questions and a spot to introduce yourself!! If you don't have Flickr already, it is very easy to join!

I hope you will join us.!!!...ArtByChrysti has some really great groups! Lots of cool artists have joined her groups and a great place to find great friends, fun and inspirations! See you there!!!

ArtByChristy also has a fabulous eBay store! She has some really great stuff for collaging and your altered art needs! http://stores.ebay.com/Covet-Me

Thank You!!!


Thinking about making a new set on my flickr site to display my Book of Dreams and then post a link here.....This has been a pretty good day...got a shelf built for my desk by my sweet hubby. He came in with a measuring tape to measure the desk (just humming to himself and not saying a word) came back in and said clear off your desk....then he brought in a shelf he built for me....Awwwwwwwww....he must of seen how cramped I was. I think I had just enough space to work, which is about the size of my Journal art pages lol......now I have things up off my desk and plenty of work space...well enough for me...I was just so happy...Thank you hunny!!!! He mentioned building a second shelf so I can use it for displaying my AB's and other little things.

I've also been thinking about teaching a class! To be honest I wouldn't know where to start as to organizing something like that....I know that there is alot of artists here in the SouthEast...and I know that there are a few folks in SC and NC. Or maybe a weekend retreat and exchange ideas in collage, paint etc. I would love to teach others the joys of art and for some like me it helped me out of a depression...I am back to my happy go lucky self finally and enjoying life and those around me and all the new friends I have made in the art world. Just wish I could meet them in person! But all in all I think I better stick to what I am doing for the moment. Now I am off to post some of my new pages from my Book of Dreams! TTFN

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Journal art

Did this Journal art page late last night. I love the way it came out. The colours on this piece look so much better in person..(lousy %&#)@ scanner) hehe

Relaxing today...everything is catching up with me and I am just plain wore out....I just want to do art today and not worry about anything....like thats gonna happen lol
I know I know stay postive. Don't y'all just want to escape for a while and just hide in your studio for a day and just create for the sake of creating? I am letting way too much get to me.

Too all I hope you have a great day!

Happy Creating!


Monday, May 08, 2006

BOD pg 8 "Dream A Little Dream"

Not sure I like how this page turned out...I did a bit of glazing with white acrylic paint and then a bit of clear glitter paint. Girl image from Artchix Studio. Letter stickers by Real Life. Textured star sticker from Sticker Studio. Rusty tin star(actual rusty tin) Not sure where I bought that...think I bought it at Ben Franklins craft store in Tennessee. Butterfly images from CD purchased at www.enchantedmercantile.com . Creme Eclipse tin image I got from a yahoo group im in... http://www.flickr.com/groups/collageimages

Happy Creating!


Friday, May 05, 2006

Keeper of the pod people??? hehehe

Y'all know I just can't stay away from my Journal art...it is just part of me...if I go a day without it, I go nutz...ok no need for comments on that statement...I left the door wide open on that one LOL. This is "Keeper of the pod people". I love this one!

I got tagged this morning by Miz Carla....

5 items in my fridge: Milk, Eggs, Butter, Cheese and I am not sure what that is...ewww LOL jk.

5 items in my closet: Many pairs of black shoes (personally I don't think a girl can have enough black shoes lol) Suitcases, Box of gift bags, Easter stuff.

5 items in my purse: Old grocery lists, receipts, lip balm and Pretzels? how did those get in there!?

5 items in my car: Since I don't drive...nothing really cept my husbands stuff: Puter hardware, work bag, receipts, probably an empty bottle of chocky milk, bag for garbage.

Tag YOUR IT!!!!! hehe

Happy Creating! Have a great weekend y'all!!!


Thursday, May 04, 2006

BOD page 7 Week 2 "glazes" and "layers"

Be sure to scroll down to see the other two posts I mentioned, Thanks!
I really like this page in my BOD book! But I couldn't stand the thought of glazing lol ....I think what I am going to do is use a clear glitter paint and add some gel medium to it...Cuz I already like the colours in this. What do you think? To glaze or not to glaze lol. I also, need some help from one of y'all ....I use scrapbooking cardstock paper for my base ....Could someone tell me plz as what to use to seal my pages??? I use paint, oil pastels, crayon and colored pencil and I don't want to smudge or smear anything when I go to seal my pages....so any help is much appreciated. :) Thanks!

"Live Your Dreams" I got this "quote" from one of my bestest girl friends...Thanks "T" It reads, " Live your dreams....But dream well" She said this was a quote of the "Cherokee" Correct me if I am wrong on this "T". Thanks hun!

Happy Creating!


BOD page 6"Dream Target" Week 2 "glazes"

Now glazing is something I haven't tried....(acrylic paint mixed with gel medium) I was quite fun actually!! This gave me a chance to experiment and try new things...My pages were just screamin for something else! lol Not just the BOD but in my journal art pages too! This may just what it needed. I am getting ready to purchase some rubber stamps here soon....I think my pages need some stamping to them also....give it a bit more depth. This is "Dream Target" I think it's pretty self explanitory....don't ya think? Well maybe to myself...I will let y'all interpret your own view...after all we all think differently and march to our own drums....I think my beat is just a little off LMAO hehe.

Happy Creating!


BOD pg 5 from week 1

I just can't get the hang of this "antiquie" thing...I lean towards the "Quirky and Zetti" feel. What can I say, I like being different LOL. But I will have a few more pages that have the antique look to them...Give the book some variety and diversity. This is page five of BOD from week 1 "Childhood Dreams"...Which I still need to add a pocket too. The "thanks for the memories" is for my parents who adopted me at 5months old...this is the picture of lil ol me at that age ..when they first brought me home :) My parents are the best ppl on this earth...kind, sweet and generous and will go out of their way to help others. I wouldn't trade them for the world!...that is one reason I haven't bothered with finding my biological parents....because I couldn't of gotten a better set of parents...I consider them my "real parents". Thanks Mom and Dad for always supporting my dreams and the encouragement you gave me. And making my childhood the best a child could ask for!!! (sniff sniff) lol

Happy Creating!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hey all! I'm on Ebay !!! Woohoo

Taking a break from the BOD challenge....
not for long though! I have 3 new pages to add here
of my BOD. Not quite finished with them and I will
post them either later today or tomorrow!

Yup! I am finally auctioning on Ebay!
I have a few paint/collage items to bid on,
time is almost up on these! So If you would like
to bid on one ...get busy LOL

I also have some Primitive Dollies up for bid!
All handmade by me!....they are all so adorable and
they are deperately needing adoption
and someone to give them lots of love!
Listing on these sweeties started today!

Ebay Listing:

Thanks for looking! :)


Monday, May 01, 2006

BOD Week2 Page 3 and Page 4(part 1 & 2 )

Page 3: "Imagine and Dream" This page was created at 12am this morning, in free style form. I had a small pile of bits and pieces on my desk and just added them randomly to the page. Good way to get good use out of pile of small images you have shoved to the side. I colored the page using crayons, colored pencils and oil pastels. Did this without a care in the world, letting the colors go where they wanted to go. I am happy with this one. It made me feel happy and carefree to do this page. :)

BOD page 4 (part 1&2) "Dreams of a Secret Garden"
I have always wanted a secret garden to escape to when things
get crazy. The gate door opens to reveal the garden. I found
the gate door in a magazine for a Target ad. On the gate door it
reads, "When one door closes another one opens".

BOD Part 2 of page 4 with gate open to reveal garden. I am starting to feel better about the process of this book. 12 more pages to go lol. Got to get busy. I have some collage sheets available at: www.somethingtwocrowabout.citymax.com on my "Collage Sheets" page.

Happy Creating!