Sunday, April 30, 2006

Better day!

Thanks all for your lovely comments!

With all that went on this weekend, I got to take me
a well deserved nap...and it was so nice to just snooze.

Sorry no art today! But I will be getting back on
the BOD tomorrow and hopefully get to post it.
Gonna try some free-style art...
Think I might wait till the kids get home and drag out
some supplies and all of us just create without a care! :)

For those interested I have some brand new
collage sheets posted on my website at $3.00 each!
The collage sheet page just keeps growing and growing
and hope to fill it up with paper collage goodies!
To find these collage sheets you may visit here: and go to my
"Collage Sheet" page.

Hmm everytime I post a link it puts my "about me"
at the bottom of page...too long I guess,
if any one has any advice on how to take a url
and turn it into a smaller link Plz let me know Thanks!
Hope you enjoy your visit in my store,
theres lots to see! Thanks for lookin!

Happy Creating!


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Simple and to the point...

I felt the need to do a Journal art page...there is a story behind this one....."Set It Free"....You know how you can just be moving right along in life and then someone comes by and rips the rug out from under you?! And then send you on the emotional rollercoaster?! Well, this is that time right now for me. I am really struggling with my words here and my daily routine. I feel like I have just went backwards in time and I am not liking it at all. The time in my life where I felt whole, just got torn to shreds. So, now piece by piece I feel I have to start all over. Like a puzzle being put back together. I know! How depressing. Blah!

Got to search for that missing puzzle piece!

Anywho, to all my lovely friends, Happy Creating!


Friday, April 28, 2006

BOD Week 1 Page 2 "Sweet Dreams"

Ok, Not so sweet dreams! UGH! I hate this page! I thought I would throw in one of my "quirky" works into the BOD book....:(( Me no likey! Ahhh well I am stuck with it now I guess, it is already attached to page one. ****I forgot to add the story behind this page...dreams of the past....the image symbolizes birth of my children and missing those days of when they were just babies....and now going thru the pre menapausal crap lol ...wishing I could have just one more baby...but that is not possible now....Just have to wait for grandchildren to spoil rotten hehehe

Gonna go out of town for the weekend and come back Sunday evening. Hope I come back feeling better about this page lol

Anywho, I couldn't resist my Art Journal, so I am also posting one of my Journal art pages below. Now this one I am happy with. Too bad this one didn't make it into the BOD book.

Have a great weekend all!
Happy Creating,


Thursday, April 27, 2006

BOD Week 1 Page 1

This page just kind of put itself together :) Finally just going with the art flow...But there were thoughts of words as this piece came together.

"Growing Wings"

Reads: (at top of page) "A Caged Bird Cannot Fly"
(bottom of page) "My Sweet Little Friend, I Too, Am Growing My Own Wings To Fly!"
Main Image: From
Secondary Image: The lil sprite and wings below , From:
Third Image: The face image(wearing the crown) From:

I may add tags to this page, inserted in between it and the next page. We shall see.

Happy Creating!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

BOD: Day 1 {pockets}

Oh ya love my scanner....blah...sorry folks cannot get the whole pic to I said I am not good with a we are stuck with scans....

This is the inside cover of my BOD. This week in pockets. At bottom of inside cover I made 3 pockets using the already made pocket. Originally it was one large pocket and turned it into 3. First pocket is "Past" Dreams and has a tag I made and on front is an image of me(yup I'm the baby lol) and my siblings on back it reads: "Past dreams" "Dreams of yesterday, spending time with my siblings, and dreams of being together once again"
Pocket 2 "Present"...Tag image is my lovely daughters on back reads: "Present Dreams" "Keeping my daughters close and that they stay close in the future"...Pocket 3 "Future" Tag has an image of me and my husband..back of tag reads: "Future Dreams" "That my husband and I, have a long, healthy and loving relationship, now and forever"
At top of inside cover I used "Real Life" Stickers "Faith" "Love" and "Dreams". Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. Thanks!

Happy Creating!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cover for my "Book of Dreams"

I decided to post the cover for my "Book of Dreams"...I couldn't stand it any longer...It was sitting there looking at me, "post me post me". I gave into it, so here it is lol.
I am not really good at this antique looking art, but I did say I wanted to do something different. The book cover is actually a bit bigger than the pic posted. I used my scanner because I am not really very good with a camera.

Any and all comments are welcome! Thank you!

Happy Creating!


Monday, April 24, 2006

Taking a break from my norm of Journal art pages

I just discovered Artsymama's "Book of Dreams" project and decided to join in the fun. It will give me a chance to try out some new techniques. And when the "Book of Dreams" is finished, I am hoping to come back to my Journal art pages refreshed and full of new ideas. I can't wait to get started! Well I suppose I have, I have chosen the book I will use in this project. I am so excited about this I just can't find all the right words. I feel I have been stuck in a rut for so long feeling like I am doing the same ol thing day in and day out, only in different colors and images.

This is my last posting of Journal art pages for awhile at least till the "Book of Dreams" is finished. (I will be posting my layouts for this project) This one is titled: "Pigment of Your Imagination and reads, "When you dream in color it is a pigment of your imagination" Hmmm Dream in color??.....maybe I have already started on my book LOL ummm nope. Too easy!

It took me so long to come up with a face image for this one, I spent time swapping out eyes and lower half of faces till I came to something I liked...ugh...maybe I should just shut my eyes and cut and paste without a theres a novel idea telling what would come of that! With my luck I would have pieces of images stuck everywhere but the paper it is suppose to be on or end up cutting the heck out of myself with my scissors lol oooooooooo bad visual lol Off to bed I go!

Happy Creating!


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Watching paint dry...

Here it is the finished piece from my little tutorial in Journal art page making....Boy I'm tuckered out...blah!

On the bit of watching paint dry, I am trying a new far I haven't seen any crackle in much of others works...hope this works...I am going for a dreamy aged look we shall see...I will post a pic of it if it works out.

I think my family is shocked...I actually cooked breakfast this morning....big deal around here..I don't eat breakfast so it is usually fend for yourself...I know that sounds bad huh? lol ...Reason #1 why I don't cook in the mornings..I tend to burn everything including myself lol....Reason #2 is my stomach after having my gall bladder removed...I just have a hard time stomaching food in the AM heck if I wait too long to eat I spend lots of time staring at the bathroom walls....not fun....and ya I know TMI lol Like you really wanted to know this LOL....Goodness me!

While this paint drys I am off to go play some yard games with the family!!

Happy Creating!


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Part 2 Borders Tutorial

Visuals for this Border Tutorial can be seen in Collage Cats Yahoo Group in my files:

Step 1 - Draw a border around towards the outside of your page about 1 inch wide..see photo in my files for this....using a regular crayon or oil pastel crayon (your choice).

Step 2 - I used paint this time Kiwi in color to paint in the it kind of a transparent look. Let dry or if your impatient like me use a heat gun lol.

Step 3 - Use a white oil pastel crayon to make dots in your border (or what ever color you choose) then dot in with a darker color, I used a red oil pastel on this. Then with a dark or black oil pastel draw lines from inside border line to outside of page and then highlight with of course a lighter color of oil pastel crayon.

All it needs now is font if you so choose like a nice quote....and then add your choices of embellishments and your done!

Hope y'all enjoyed this lil tutorial...Much love and hugs, and as always Happy Creating!


Friday, April 21, 2006

My technique

In Collage Cats yahoo group I mentioned I was going to tell how I create my backgrounds on my Journal Art Pages....Here it is:

I use an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of scrapbooking paper..I love the thickness and seems to hold up well to my abuse lol......I start off by picking random collage pieces....I actually adhere them before anything take a good ol crayola crayon (just grab a color that tickles you) then color over entire page. leaving a 1/4" halo around your image(leave that white for now I will get to that "halo" part) ....are you done coloring yet hehehe....ok now take a colored pencil..lets say you picked an orange color crayon for the background....try a red or yellow pencil...experiment with will be surprised with what color combos you come up with! with your colored pencil color over your crayon background....its a pain but the results are really cool! if you don't want any white showing thru....go over it again but this time with another colored pencil in the same color as your crayon color you used originally......I know by now your thinking, this woman is nutz (your right hehe) back to that "halo" thing....most of the time I use a bright pink crayon pen (heck I don't know what their even called, It looks like a pen but has a crayon inside) sheesh, ya confused yet? LOL I think I found them at the Dollar General (I will get back to you on that) a regular crayon will work or an oil pastel.....go around the image coloring in the halo...Ok what you think?.....Let me know your results for this! If you have any problems or questions don't hestitate to ask!......I will get to how I create borders in my next Posting! If you would like a visual on this just ask I would be more than happy to post some pics of the process!

Hugs to all and Happy Creating!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Music soothes the soul

Newest Journal art page "Joyful Song"....I gave up on that other "quirky" least for the moment....I am sure something will hit me on what to do with it...So, I am not totally giving up on it.

Got some new stuff on my website "Found Objects" hope you take a look-see at what I have to offer y'all! Thanks!

on the last page in my site "Found Objects"
Seems everytime I post the whole address it messes up
this page....Ah well lol...

Happy Creating!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nope not posting art today!

Howdy y'all....Yes I did my journal art today but not really pleased with the results...will post it tomorrow even though I hate it lol.....

Anywho, seen this on other blogs thought I might as well join in the fun...monkey see monkey do LOL

Five minutes to yourself? Clean out all that derned #((@&*)% spam in my email!
Five bucks to spend right now? Dollar Store finds for my art.
Five items in your house you could part with right now, that you hadn't thought of all ready?
Hmmm only 5...ok...old window blinds, the cats shredded cat toy, the squeeky chair I'm sitting in( could be me bones squeekin...nope it's the chair), my old art supply cart, dining room set (does that count as 1 item lol)
Five items you aboulutely, positively could never part with in your house...I would say my family but they are not items..they is human art stuff, my coffee mug that says, "Here kitty kitty kitty", my printer(although that could go in the stuff I can part with if I can sweet talk my sweet sweet adorable hubby into a laser printer hehe) my pez dispenser collection, my scooby doo pillow. OH LAWDY!!
Five words you love? YESSSSSS, OOOO kkkkkkkkkkkk!, You Ready?(oops that's two hehe), Mommy, Cutie.

And there you have it!

Happy Creating,


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Time for playing in the garden

You know if any of you might be near the would be great fun to get together and swap ideas and techniques...I know absolutely no one here....they all think I'm weird or visa/versa(welcome to the Carolina's set back your watch 20 years!!! hehehe....weird is good....isn't it?? lol ...I am pretty much stuck at home during the week...and thats ok gives me time to play in my studio without ppl walking in and out (crossing eyes here)...Glad to know I am needed so much lol....On the weekends our family hits the antique shop...I got it in good with the owner...gave me some old vintage photos this weekend and when he delivered our bed he told me if he comes across any more photos he would just give em to me....I think my chin is still draggin along on the floor from that woohooo right on!!

Anywho this is my latest "Her Majestys Secret Garden"

Happy Creating,


Monday, April 17, 2006

Long Day

I hope everyones Easter was a good one!....My family and I had a good time...baskets of goodies, egg hunt, gorging ourselves...well at least the children did lol...We spent the remainder of our day watching movies together....Tomorrow my children go back to school WOOOOOOOHOOOO spring break is over!...shhhhhh I didn't say that hehehehe...

I spent most of my morning cleaning and then our family hit the antique shop....what a blast...found lots of goodies and a Rice king size bed...absolutely my hubby can quit calling me a bed hog :P lol....

When I returned I had lots of goodies in the mail of orders I made....and this is what I came up with..."A Little Birdie"...8 1/2 x 11 journal art page....I know what y'all are thinkin...whens this woman going to do something besides journal art lol....honestly I don't far I haven't found any classes around my area...I would like to get into assembledge...and learn some new collage techniques....but I do so love my journal art....keeps me out of depression...hey I'm all for it if it keeps me from going there. One day I will find a class but for now........

Happy Creating!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

To All,

Have a very Happy Easter!!!!



Thursday, April 13, 2006

Feeling a bit better today to a point....

Thank you Tara for the nice comments sweetie....hugs!

This here journal art titled, "Time Spent" I put a little extra
effort on this page....but somehow I feel my pages are lacking some how
just haven't figured out what yet....My hubby says they are "Busy" ...I
like busy.....I am thinking embellishments here...more texture...something
heck I don't know LOL...this PMS crud is really getting to me...I am not usually
a grumpy is just not me...if I hate anything its being grumpy...

If anyone has any ideas of what I could add to my journal pages PLZ
let me know....Thanks!

Happy Creating!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Life's A Circus

My girls are out for springbreak....oy! None of their friends home for them to go play with or come over....The school would pick the week for springbreak during my PMS....Quick throw midol pleeeeeease! LOL.

Anywho, here is my latest Journal art page "Circus".
Images used: the lil clown girlie was from Top Hat Designs the Barnum and Bailey image from Enchanted Merchantile CD. And ugh drew and cut my own Circus letters out..don't wanna do that again for awhile...

I am outtie here...hunt down some midol....and hide out for awhile lol

Happy Creating,


Ramblings of an artist....
Ok back again...ok that midol didn't help much... tapping fingers here
Do y'all ever feel like your going back-
wards in time with your artwork?...guess that's the way I am feeling
right now
but I see improvements, the more I do art....Just don't know
how to feel at the moment or how to improve my techniques
I feel like I am in a rut....I guess we all have our moments
or is it just me......OH! and sorry Tara for the multiple
messages....hehe ..Hugs!......not a good day for me I am off to double
up on the midol....somehow I really don't think it will help much ARGH!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Beautiful Day

It was just gorgeous was 70 degrees and clear blue skies....I guess I am starting to like the south...didn't think I would...with weather like this I can handle...

Back to my Journal art pages again..."Postcards from Daddy". The postcard images I got from
Then aged the edges with Tim Holtz's Distress Ink. Found an image on another collage cats site...Thanks Christy! The background is good ol Crayola color crayons and over top colored pencil...painted yellow circles on top and added embellishments....I sure wish I could find these letter tiles elsewheres than Walmart...I don't get out much, so if any of you know where I can find these online plz let me would be much appreciated....Thanks!

Happy Creating,

Nancy Baumiller

I have a few of my collage/paintings on canvas, on sale now at:

Collage Sheets made by yours truly, at a low price of only $3.00 per sheet! take a look around, you will never know what you might find!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

New ATC's

Just finished a bunch of ATC's. The rest of them can be viewed at: on my ATC page. A tip I found is to use a piece of a magazine image(can't exactly remember where I found this)(Dad tells me I acquired CRS) lol....take a standard playing card and trace around it on a magazine image that you like. Cut out and adhere to your playing card...the rest is just adding collage bits and embellishments to your can do several of these at a time...I think I did something like...hmmm 15 today hehehe....oh! on the magazine images...I have found lots of pretty backgrounds in Country Home Magazine...especially on their "Collect it" page. I also, type in my word pad, word elements to cut and glue to ATC(so many lovely fonts) Same thing in Microsoft Paint can use lots of different colors to add to your font.
Did you know HP has a scrapbooking section with layouts( ok maybe I am behind times, I just discovered it lol) they also have Free Online Classes. I haven't really gotten into the whole scrapbooking thing....I will eventually because, I have an overflowing box of stuff that my girls give me that they want me to keep..and Yup! mostly all their art...lawdy! it's so hard to choose what to keep and what not to keep...I love it all! But if I don't do something about it soon...our house will explode at the seams! So, it sits there waiting on me and waiting and waiting....telling me... Dag nammit woman! Would you learn how to scrapbook already! Sheesh! Ok I am outtie here...going to watch movies with the family on our new surround sound system..woohooo....EH I didn't hear you...what did you say LOL

Happy Creating,


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Create everyday!

Ok! Going to try this again....last one wouldn't post &%$#@!

New piece I created "Now and Forever".
Created this using a 5" x 7" paper I made for the background...Face images are from Bits and pieces of Tim Holtz stickers...the background where the people images are I edged the paper with Tim Holtz's Distress Ink...then took a lightly damp paintbrush and spread the ink around the whole piece. This one was fun...and I love the way it turned out...I am not very good with the vintage stuff...practice practice practice.

Now I wish my hubby would get home with my paper...yes I want to see him too hehe...miss em both LOL...I want to get back to my journal art pages.

Happy Creating!


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

There is always hope for inspiration!

I think y'all can figure out who inpired me to do this piece hehe!

I call it "Standing Tall". Yesterday I told y'all that I asked(ok begged)lol my hubby to buy me more paper..ohhh he did white but bright almost neon colors, he said they were out..ahh well I still love you my sweet hubby! I am sure I will find something to do with it.

This piece is created using a book page adhered to a lightweight cardboard ( I stole it out of my scrapbooking paper package) hehe
then used acrylic paints and colored pencil and yes crayons..lawdy!...and bits and pieces I had in my scrap box and some Teesha Moore collage bits. For the hanger is a beaded rusty wire hanger. How cool is that lol. No not braggin here, just happy I found something to create! Woohooo!

Happy Creating!


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

UGH!! I think I am running out of everything!

Howdy howdy! Thank you Carla and Angela for your sweet comments! hugs to you both! :)

I have dun run out of paper and glue...CRISIS! So I improvised this is the results. I was just going nutz wanting to create something so I just used regular ol drawing paper...looks better on here than in person is 9 x12 collage. "Laugh" ya go ahead laugh hehehe it's ok I did :)) Called my hubby, plzzzz plzzzzzz bring me some paper plzzzzz and glue...I love you hunny hehe!

I am going to give it a go at some water colors here soon. Got the items I need on order...just couldn't resist those pretty pretty Twinkling H2O's.

Also, got some scrapbooking papers in the makings to sell in my store...hehe knowing me I will go scissor happy on them babys...paper is not safe around me lol.

Happy creating!


Monday, April 03, 2006

Great Day!

I wish y'all even had a clue how great this day is! Everything is falling into place and I am just having a wonderful time over here! I just created this piece "Keeper of Winged Spirits" It is an 8 1/2 x 11 journal art page.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Whew...Gettin mighty warm outside!

My visiting plans with my best girl friend went out the window...Another time and hopefully soon!

I have just finished working on some new and Quirky fun collage sheets...they can be viewed and purchased in my store :
and yup yup you can use paypal now! Woohoo!

I am going to work on a few more collage sheets and just cram my website full of them! hehe

I've dun run out of paper and canvas already! Sheeeeesh! Been a busy girl over here...I will be around....Gotta go shopping ya know LOL

Here is my latest journal art page it is called "Extreme" I think you can tell by looking at it why I titled it the way I did! It was a blast making it....think I will do another LOL