Friday, March 31, 2006

Out of boredom

Ok, so I was bored yesterday and had a lack of inspiration but just felt the need to create here it is lol "Dog Days" pretty self-explanitory hehe

I doubt that I will be online for about a week...who bestest(is this a word lol) lady friend and her daughter will be here Saturday thru next Saturday...Woohoooo....My poor husband hehe....there will be 5 females in the house, his only salvation is our cat Mr Felix to save him from all us women LMAO. *Giggles*

I am off to do some cleaning and maybe squeeze in some painting!

Have a wonderful and creative day!


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Great Day!

Celebration time! My first sale! woooooooooohoooo

Here is my latest journal art page.."Her Suitors" Hope you enjoy it!

Have a marvelous day!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Well as I mentioned previously that I was going to create on canvas....Here it is...I surprised myself...very happy and pleased with the outcome. The title for this piece is: "Simplistic Dreams".

I believe our true self shows in our artwork. Most of the time I don't realize it while I am creating something due to the zen state I am usually in....and when your finished it is like waking up from a dream and you say to yourself "I did this?!" Ok so I am proud of this piece LOL.

Not feeling well today, grabbing my coffee cup and my fav blankie and headed to the living room.



Monday, March 27, 2006

Amusing Muse

Yesterday I was speaking of how I thought I was needing a break...ok got the laundry done lol...
But obviously my muse would not rest until I created something...well here it is. "My Muse" as you can tell she has a strange sense of humor...telling me to M'use it or lose it LOL

Sitting here waiting on snail mail....hoping I get my new Collage CD. It is chalked full of stuff to inspire me to create. At least that is what I am hoping for. I would like to get some new and different art going this week *hint* collage on canvas. Wish me luck hehe....

This next weekend starting Saturday thru the following Saturday I WILL be taking a break...My best gal-pal will be in town w/her daughter...So I am looking forward to that!

Happy creating! *hugs*


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sleep vs Art

Last nights ArtPARTY only 4 people were able to get into chat. Yahoo is once again playing it's lovely game with our group. By time I got in it was 11pm here on the east coast. So as to say I didn't stay long.

The gallery however was full of wonderful art. Lots to drool over, plus give you some inspiration to create. I was inspired, but just to tired to create. As always my head hits the pillow and close my eyes and visions of new art flash behind my eyelids. I was wanting to come back to my studio and create what I had visioned ,but the sleep overcame me and that was that.

Now here it is Sunday and those visions I had, have disapated. Sad but true. Maybe I just need a day off. Somehow I just can't see myself sitting in front of the television doing absolutely nothing. With my mind nagging me to create something. Hmmm there's always the never ending laundry begging to be washed. Oh, but that just does not sound like fun. Guess I am off to do the laundry. lol By the way...The art image posted is one of my journal art pages created on 3/24/06 "Twisted"

Have a wonderful day all!


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Welcome to my blog!!

This will be my first posting so bear with me folks!
Today as every Saturday is "ArtPARTY" at Collagecats. I look forward to my Saturdays because Collagecats artists build an art gallery in a day and later that evening we get to comment on everyones lovely art and get to know each other better.
I have joined other art groups that involve altered art/mixed media, but so far Collagecats has been the most friendliest and fun place to be. They really have a great group of very talented artists.
I have added my latest Journal art to this blog "King Inspire"...Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think!
Since my dh is home and with lots of free time today....I think I will go pester him for awhile! hehehehehe

Have a wonderful and creative day!! Nancy