Saturday, August 12, 2006

Part 3 Altered book cover

As I said yesterday Blogger would not let me add anymore photos to my blog for this here we go again...hopefully I can finish this up for you and quit teasing y'all lol...

Continued from Step 8:

After using the antiquing gel medium...this is how your book cover should look...or close to it!

Step 9: Choosing your image(s) and font...

Here I choose an older woman and her dog(you can use any image out there available..there are many collage sheets available or find you an image in a magazine that suits your interest) and for my font I went into Microsoft word (or you can use Microsoft paint) or whatever other text program you have....choose what type of font you would like to use for this project. The font type I used for this project was, "Poor Richard" of my favs!

Step 10: I put this step in for those of you who are beginners....Here is where you cut out your image and then set aside.

*Tip ...when cutting out images and you will find some images have some pretty tight spots to use regular scissors...for those little spots..cuticle scissors (you know the tiny scissors you use to remove unwanted cuticles from your nails) these work wonders and can get into those small places your other scissors will not!

Step 11: A lesson I learned from an artsy friend ArtbyChrysti....Add interest to your text...don't just leave it a plain white...especially if you have an art piece with an antique background...never leave your text can do many things to your text to add I used antiquing gel medium...I applied it directly with my fingers and just rub it across ...or you can use a dry brush technique with water colors or colored pencils.....most of the time I use a ball point pen to outline the words before cutting them out.

Ok! Here we go with blogger again....this is all they will let me add for sorry to tease y'all like this! We will get thru this sooner or later lol....So go ahead and cut out your text and arrange them on your book cover to suit you! We will go on tomorrow about adding more texture and interest to your altered book cover! :)

Oh! if anyone is interested I am trying to get other artsy folks who would like to do a challenge of Zetti dolls in Flickr's Zettiology group ...if you are in this group and interested go

  • Here AH HA I finally figured out how to link LMAO writing html code is easy once you get the hang of it...anywho....
  • and post your interest in this challenge! :) In this Zetti doll challenge you can use anything to create your doll...paper, clay, hmmm paperclay hehe, cloth and other fibers, name it, it is game as long as it has the Zetti feel to it!! Pssst I thought of something last night on this topic...If you choose to use paper for this is a great way to learn how to make your own Zetti characters for your art!!! I don't know why I didn't think of this before!!! I started one doll last night to get the group started on this challenge and will have it posted later in the day on that sight and possibly here too!

    I gots to go for now! Happy Creating! Oh and when we are done with this Altered book cover I would love to see your finished art!



    Blogger Suzie Q said...

    Hey sweetheart, you're doing a grand job! I'm going to have to give this a go...
    I'll try to catch up with what you've done so far, and look forward to the next instalment!

    Have a great weekend, m'darlin' :)

    Much Love & Hugs, Q xXx

    9:29 AM, August 12, 2006  
    Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

    Thank you very much Suzie! Wonderful I am so happy to hear your playing right along!

    You have you a grand weekend to sweetie!
    Love and hugs!

    10:02 AM, August 12, 2006  

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