Saturday, August 19, 2006


%^*)(&$$$ Blogger!!! Still won't let me post any pic's!!!! Dag nammit!!!


I have some of my latest art on eBay!! Since I can't show you whats in store take a peek here:

I have marked down a few selected items on buy it now prices! Also, on other selected items I have reduced the starting auction bid to just .99 cents! Call me crazy! Hey the shoe fits LOL ..Oh wait I don't wear shoes! hehe

Oh how I wish I could show you some pics....I got the goodie swap back just the other day..and OMG lots of fun stuff and I can't even show you :(((

Mom and Dad have a bunch of my stuff in storage and went through and repacked everything in rubbermaid tubs! They are so sweet!! They found alot of my craft supplies and sent me my tin of Grandmas buttons she had left to me...and lacey trims! They also sent, feathers and all the fabrics I had....Yay!! Now I just have to find places to put all this stuff lol.

Hubby brought home for me a small desk lamp, so I can see what the heck I am doing hehe....and a storage box with plastic drawers for me to put all my unmounted rubber stamps in! It's perfect! Now we are contemplating shelving of some sort to put all my stuff in....I was thinking about some sort of wall mounted I can see all my fabrics, papers, and collage supplies and maybe adding a small table by my desk to put my paints, crayons and such on to give me more work make bigger messes on LOL

At the moment I am thinking of a new technique for you all to try! It looks like fun! I gotta try it out first and take pictures as I go so that I can share it with you!!!

Happy Creating!



Blogger StegArt said...

Hey Nance, one thing I've noticed about blogger is if my cursor is not clicked into the body of the post I'm creating I can't add you think this might be the case?

9:26 PM, August 19, 2006  
Blogger windyangel said...

Oh how happy can an artist be but to create an organized creative space in which to be creative. About painting on magazine pages, do you explain that further in a previous post? Are you using acrylics? How do you prep the pages? I just printed out the altered book tutorial. I got curious about the magazine pages. :o)

11:37 PM, August 19, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Hello Terri!
I thought about that too but didnt seem to make much difference...I just think blogger is out cookies and temp files seem to help some...and the factor of the time of day you post...early early mornings seem to be the best time to post, since not many people are blogging that early....I hope to post some pics today!

7:11 AM, August 20, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Yes windy that does seem to help spark creating when everything is organinzed...i try to put things back when done...doesnt always work that way...but I have seen worse messes than mine lol...
On the magazine papers...I use them material lol...two I love to recycle things...I dont prep them in any way but...just paint first with a darker color and while still wet add other colors to mix and shmoosh around til I get something I like then set aside on flat surface to dry and then later use torn or cut pieces of it in my collages...sometimes I use them to make outfits for my quirky people hehe
Have a good time with the tutorial..I can't wait to see what you come up with!

7:15 AM, August 20, 2006  
Blogger firstborn said...

just bopped by to say hi to my blog sista!

glad you are delighted with the goodie swap package...the postman said to his co-worker beside him, "we lost money on this one!" lol! how we chuckled, the three of us, on how i stuffed that flat rate envie to the gills!

enjoy & can't wait to see what you've come up with next!

mary ann xo

8:37 AM, August 20, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Over here rolling on the floor with laughter! :D your so silly! LOL If the envie or box says "FLAT RATE" by all means stuff them till they are about to burst LMAO

8:42 AM, August 20, 2006  

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