Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Foods that should come with warning labels!!!

As the title says, "Foods That Should Come With Warning Labels"!!!!....This is one of those TMI moments, but none the less funny as heck!
This cheese dip I bought at's a spicy cheese dip...I love spicey! yummy! But potentially could be toxic to yourself or other household members. Anywho....I had some of this spicey cheese dip w/ crackers for lunch with my sandwich yesterday.....later that afternoon.....weeeeeeeeeeedoggie!!!!!!!! I am telling you what!!!!!!!! I chased myself out of my studio!!!!!!!! YIkes! I know that is too much information! But my lawdy this stuff is toxic hubby said its, "Nauxic( Nausiated + Toxic = Nauxic) LOL ...hes so funny....a brat too I might add....I told him last night in bed...I should post it would get quiet in the bedroom...I would start giggling...and then say, Naw thats just nassy lol......this happened a few times till I finally went to up this morning got the kids and hub off to school and work....and sat down at the computer and once again....I got the case of the giggles and just couldn't resist!! hehehe....sorry ...hope I didn't offend anyone! :D

Have a very Happy Creative day!!!



Blogger firstborn said...

nancy, you are so funny!

yeh, my hub wouldn't touch that stuff either! he prefers to eat cheese by the block not the jar...while i haven't tried that kind, i've had cheese dip with nachos...i like it but no serious emergencies!

4:23 AM, August 11, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

hehehe...they should call it stink cheese LMAO...sorry...I have a silly sense of humor...I cant help it...Just being me! :)

6:05 AM, August 11, 2006  

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