Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A bit of family history

Holy lawdy! Look at the cheeks on that baby! lol That is Moi at 5 months old! I was adopted into a German family and this is the day they brought me home!

I have no german in me at all...My papers say, I am Dutch and Irish!

At the age of 8(I believe) I still remember the moment my mother told me I was adopted...I remember being upset and confused about it all...wasn't quite sure how to feel. I was given up at birth. The only things I know about my biological parents is that 1) I was the result of an affair. 2) My mother has the same description of how I look today. 3) My father was a tall man of 6' 2". And thats about it...

My parents adopted 4 children ....2 girls and 2 boys. My sister being the oldest then my brothers and last was me. Yup the baby of the family.

I had a wonderful childhood...My parents treated all of us as their own. If they would of never told us we were adopted we wouldn't of known any different.

Now on to two other special people (whom are with God now) are my Grandparents...

Meet Helen and John! Two of the sweetest people you could ever meet! They are my Mothers parents...They were so funny together. Grandpa was always being silly and trying to get away with something...but as always Grandma would catch him and mumble something to him in German...I believe it was "dumbs***" in german. You had to laugh at them because Grandpa would always have that boyish grin and Grandma would shake her finger at him and say," Just wait til I get you home mister!!!" lol

Grandma was born in Germany...My Grandpa who is also german, was actually born in Russia.

One day (this is the time they met) My Grandma was cooling pies in the window...and Grandpa just happen to walk by and smelled the sweet aroma of home baked pies....he just had to find out who made them....so he did and she offered him some pie....and they were together from that moment! :) I am surprised Grandpa didn't try to sneak a pie and hide out under a tree to eat it LOL... My Grandma made the best german desserts....Oh I am telling you what...sugar cookies in german (I am sure i am not spelling it correctly but)...Suga Cooka....YUM! She also made snowballs and rosettes! I miss Grandma! hehe...I will learn how to make these for my children for the holidays. I hope it gives them memories like they did for me. I will however not make them eat Borcht...Blahhhhhhhh Beet soup....that is so nassy! LOL sorry Grandma...I just couldn't stomach it! The thing about German families (at least in my family) they stuff ya to the gills with food...You never go hungry! lol....ask for a piece of pie and you might as well have asked for the whole pie and a fork LOL....ahhhhhhh the memories hehe.

Well Judy and SuzieQ you have finally got to see my baby picture lol....I have not found any other pics of me yet...I am pretty sure alot of my photos (among alot of other stuff) is still in storage at my parents house...I will get all that stuff one of these days...hopefully sooner than later.

I have my ideas laid out here on my desk for the IMT challenge~ Music....just hope it goes together as I have pictured it.

Happy Creating!



Blogger Suzie Q said...

Aaaah....what a beeyootiful baby! You look like a little angel, floating in midair! Hehehe :)
Gorgeous, and how fascinating to find out all that background on you - what a lovely childhood you had, Nance. Your parents must be a very special couple, and I love the ATC of your grandparents, 'bless 'em xXx
I guess it must be my turn to find a baby pic now! I may be some time....

HUGE thanks for my lovely surprise in the post - you are a very special lady, Nance, and I feel very lucky to count you as a friend.

Loads of Love & Big Hugs ((((x))))
xXx Q xXx

8:09 AM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

LOL....Thank you Suzie! Friends are meant to be spoiled hehe! Love you too my friend!
Love and hugs!

9:13 AM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger firstborn said...

cute baby pic!

i don't have very many baby pics of myself bec. mom tells me that there was a fire in the house where we we're living way back in the day...& tons of pics sadly went up in flames...the pics that i do have are very much treasured...

oh, i was a preemie, weighing about 4lbs...

3:38 PM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger ikkinlala said...

What a cute baby you were!

I can't believe you don't like borscht, though - my dad makes it sometimes (no, not German, but he grew up in a community with a lot of Germans) and I've always liked it. With lots of sour cream.

6:21 PM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Mary Ann! How sad all that happened!

My you were a tiny baby...My friend just had a preemie at the same weight.

I am sure your photos you have are precious treasures and take lots of them!

8:06 PM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Hi ikkinlala! Aww thanks hun!
The secret is I hate beets! Period! Beets are right up there with Liver...Mom would tell me to eat your beets it will make your cheeks rosey! Lol Who cares I aint eatin em MOM....:P now sour cream I can handle hehe...Glad you stopped by! :)

8:10 PM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger Judy Scott said...

Hi my darlin, just checking in on my blog sistas!. what a lovely post, you are very special and how wonderful your family sound, love the lil atc its brilliant, what a special photo that must be to you and what a cutie you were. Take care and lots of love, Jude x

3:35 PM, August 02, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Hello my sista! hehe I have missed you! Thank you for the sweet comments! Hey chubby cheeks are not cute LOL...I still have em LOL...Loves ya bunches!

12:12 PM, August 03, 2006  

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