Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Age is just a number they say...

The closer I get to menopause the older I feel....I don't like it one bit...I don't mind getting older or that I have a ton of white in my hair...or the wrinkles that are starting to pop up...I believe wrinkles are a way of telling your lifes story...But I will agree that they look so much sexier on a man is the way I feel the changes internally that my body is going thru and the state my mind is in....I normally am a happy go lucky kinda gal...and lately I am just a grumpy ol soul...I miss that happy gal....I had a long talk with my girls last night about changes a woman goes thru about my age....they were empathetic and seemed to understand to the best their minds could let them....they gave me hugs and kisses and made me feel so much better and so loved....last night they were the best behaved children a mother could ask for....they let me relax and let me enjoy the evening quietly sitting in the living room as a family watching tv...I normally don't watch much tv...if Dark Angel is on...I am there front and center like a little kid in front of the that show....something about tv shows or movies with women that kick butt just seem to hit home with me....I am not a violent person thank God...but appreciate a woman who can take care of themselves if need be.

I am rambling...aren't I ? hehehe The above pic I took of the giveaway from Mary Ann...I was shocked when my name was drawn....I never win anything! LOL....that journal you see is so fantastic....Mary Ann you sure you really wanted to give that away? LOL It is so awesome! It now sits right above my desk where I create....I have looked at it and inside it so many times I cannot count....Thank You again Mary Ann for the Journal and all the little treasures you sent along with it! I don't think I have ever had a book this nice! :) Very happy camper here! On my Flickr
you can read more in detail with notes attached about the items she sent...Sparklers!! Yay! Obviously someone knew I needed to take time to play! Such a lovely surprise!

Time for me to a few eBay items to prepare for packaging and shipping....Hopefully I can sneak in some art later today! :)

Much love and hugs and Happy Creating!



Blogger firstborn said...

hi nancy!

sorry it's taken me long to write a comment...i just got home from a very long day at work...but i wanted to drop you a note...

so happy that you're enjoying your freebies! i knew that that traveler's journal was going to go to a better home! yay! i've had that book for YEARS & sadly, it sits collecting makes me so happy to think that you are appreciating that book more than i ever did! lol! as for the extras...they were just little somethin', somethin' that i happened to have around the house...i like to throw in some really nice extra surprises in people's pacakges...that's just how i's rolls (lol)!

anyhoo, i hear you on the getting older part! okay?!!!! but everyone assures me that i look way younger than my age (thank goodness for my mother's genes!)...but i know what you mean!

enjoy your goodies! thanks for playing!!!

mary ann xx

8:46 PM, August 02, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Hey no worries!

Thank you Mary Ann! :)

12:15 PM, August 03, 2006  

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