Sunday, July 23, 2006

What I have been doing these last couple days...

Two new ACeO atc's done in the sticky tape transparency technique. On bottomish left is "To Hope" and on topish right "Winter Wonderland" fairy! These are both now available on my eBay: You will be able to read more of the description there!!

New 4 x 4 Art Squared! "Don't Fret My Friend We Shall Soar Together". I love this little fairy and her small feathered friend. There is so many stories you could tell with just this one image!

This is also available on eBay!

I used a scrap of wallpaper for the background and the texture is see is gauze bandaging! hehe Gives it a nice texture and adds interest to this piece!

I have been finishing up many projects I had started and finally got them all finished! Whew!
I couldn't believe all the stuff I had going lol

This one is not up on ebay yet not sure how I want to list it just yet...especially on the shipping...I want to make sure I can afford this! This is a collage I did on 8 x 10 canvas...with acrylic painted background..."Pennies From Heaven For Me and You" with actually pennies adhered to the canvas( is this legal LOL) Sides are painted in a Island Green.

Actually alot prettier in person! With my poor photography...I am using a web cam on some of my pics so lighting is not usually good....The flower on her dress is a pretty silk flower I have in my stash...picked them up long ago at a craft store...Ya know all the ones that fall on the I asked for them me a huge bag of them! I placed a few gems to top off her crown! Not so sure I like the colors of them. The face image I got from The top of her dress was from another image I had found....her arm..a magazine clipping...
the skirt of her dress is a painted magazine paper! The wording I know is blurry but I used a label maker for them and used once again painted magazine scraps for the word background! The flowers she is holding I got from I'm telling ya have got to visit this place...they have affordable dresden trims (did I spell or say that right lol)and vintage scraps...and so pretty too! Check out the glitter scraps..they are so pretty in person! I love that store! I have one more item to add to what I have been doing but since this blog entry is terribly long I am just going to post it on Flickr...there will be 2 or 3 views on this sweet little bit of art....not sure yet as I have yet to take the pictures hehe....but I will tell you it is a functional piece of art!

Happy Creating! Love and Hugs!



Blogger Judy Scott said...

Oh my what wonderful art youve been creating so gorgeous and yummy. Love the little aceos they are so adorable, (I think I need a step by step process to talk me through these image transparencies / transfers and the english equivalent of the supplies you need!!!!!!!! brains abit slow.)
the other pieces are adorable too, love the colour in pennies from heaven.
Of to explore your flickr now to see your other one. hope you are well and hubby is enjoying his new work, loads of love xxx jude xxx

5:51 PM, July 23, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Thank you Jude!
transparency supply list eh ok hehe
all you need is:
Images from collage sheets
Images from magazines
or any lazer printed image
clear packing tape or here we have 12" wide rolls of clear tape(looks just like clear packing tape only a larger version(and heck if I know what it is called lol)I will try to get a name for it.
A spoon or old credit card
A shallow pan of warm water

find the image in which you want to use...lay image face down on sticky tape...rub with credit card or back of spoon to remove any air bubbles.

Set images paper side down in warm water for about 5 minutes or more...then take them out and lay them on paper toweling shiney side down...with finger roll the paper off the back..gently and dont use your nails or you might scrap off the image...sometimes this is good if you want a really aged look...but I rarely use my nails on these!

Let me know if this helps! :)
Loves ya! Hugs

6:39 PM, July 23, 2006  
Blogger firstborn said...

hi nancy!

just bopping by to send a huge thanks for sending along my care package from jude! lol! when i first got the package, i didn't recognize the return address>>>until i opened it & did i have a good lol!!!!

thanks again for being such a dear & covering jude's axx * ahem * rerouting her package!

also, i've been meaning to bop by to admire your artwork...they are quite fab! i think i'll be a regular visitor (& add you to my links, {smile}...)

take care,
:) mary ann

10:11 PM, July 23, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Oh I thought you sent this in an email and wrote you back! hehe Didn't realize you had found my blog! lol
See Jude we are only human!
So glad you could stop by Mary Ann it is nice to finally meet you (well online for the moment)...Glad the package made it to you!

8:14 AM, July 24, 2006  

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