Sunday, July 02, 2006

There is life after coffee! hehe

Just waking up here on Sunday mornin....drinkin my go-go juice aka coffee.....The image shown is my Shabby Chic challenge from blog sista Jude...This was my first attempt at the shabby chic....Not too bad I guess! It was fun and frusterating....Waiting for crackle to crackle is not fun LOL...Much like watching paint dry or water boil...anywho, you get the point! But I was pretty pleased with my results!

I got the image from the lovely Chrysti ! Thank you babe! The lil girl image is so beautiful!

I first started out with an old tin biscuit lid...kinda white washed it (had no idea what the he-double hockey sticks I was doin) then adhered the girl image and dictionary page bit to bottom....then did the crackle medium....while that was taking it's sweet time I made a sculptured heart from clay that you bake in your oven! Painted it white and used antiquing gel medium on it and wiped off excess.....after all was dry ..hmmm about another days time.....I added a bit of white paint very tiny bit around the picture to give it a dreamy look....then used antiquing gel medium again over all...and again wiped off excess....and I'm telling you what! Watching that crackle come alive, was the best!!!! I was hopping in my chair so excited to watch this happen! YIPPY!

Now I am working on my second challenge from blog sista Chrysti.....Monochromatic-White(hope I am spelling that right) She stated...That means no color now Nance! Wahhhhhhhhhh
I responded ...How about polka dots hehehe.....This piece is going to take me at least a couple weeks.....I ordered a couple items to add to it....cuz if you know me I love colorrrrrr....I had absolutely no white things to add.....I have added some painted white things (had to paint them white lol) ...The only other hints I will give you is that it is 13x13, and it is sentimental.....Aren't I just the evilest thing Muahhhahaaha! :)

Here's my offerings for this weeks stuff in my eBay store...

New ATC/ACEO'S ...some fun and funky and some cute and vintagy!

Folk art sculpture!.... made by yours truly hehe...."Party Skelly" pssst he's a candy container, but I suppose you can put what ever lil treasures you want inside! You will adore him, his smile will make you giggle! Well, he made me giggle hehe!

Prisim stickers...great for scrapbooking, collage, atc's, journal name it and they are so pretty pretty.... and one insect stickers ...these a funky cool baby!!

Collage goodie pack...50 pieces! Has old book pages, vintage dictionary pages, game piece and more!

I still have a few Art Pages up for grabs!!! These are all original (no prints)!!!

Ok, enough of that! I need me another cup of coffee...hmmm wonder if my hubby would notice if I moved the coffee pot into my studio LOL ....Actually the kitchen is 15 feet from me....ehhh call it lazyness ! Anywho! Tootles!

Have a wonderful day and Happy Creating
Much Love and Hugs!



Blogger Judy Scott said...

Love the shabby chic - what a star you are. Its really lovely Miss Nance so well done I really think youve excelled yourself. Cannot wait to see Chrysti's challenge that one is gonna be so hard, no colour I would find that so hard too, maybe I'll give it a go as well.

Your shop is looking awesome lots of goodies and colour. Bring that coffee pot closer I say and keep creating while youre on a roll.

Loads of love Jude x

9:19 AM, July 03, 2006  
Blogger Suzie Q said...

You rose to that challenge beautifully, Nancy, it's gorgeous! Looking forward to the next ones...!

Love, Q xXx

1:09 PM, July 03, 2006  

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