Sunday, July 02, 2006

Stuff I did today! I got a mess to clean up for sure! lol

"I Hope You Dance"

One of my fav songs! It is actually titled
and listed as "Dance"

"Garden Goddess"

This one I love! I am wanting a garden sooooo bad!

"Good Cuppa"

That sounds pretty good right now! A pick me up so I can go do laundry! UGH!
For Sale

"Hello?" Was so temped to add to the Hello? Pizza Hut? Thought maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea! hehe Made me giggle about doing it though lol

For Sale

"Her First Love" Awwwwwww! Come on everybody all at once now.....Awwwwwwwwwwww! hehe Love that cute!

For Sale

"Kindred Spirits" I think this is my fav! This reminds me of a show I used to watch...Anne Of Avonlea...SpellCHECK!! I think it is right! I used to have all of em on tape lol...Oh! and Anne Of Green Gables.....I thought they were coolies! lol Hey ya got to admit it is alot better than some of the (excuse the term) crap they got on these days!

For Sale

Ok I am done now....Gots to go do the laundry so hubby has clean clothes for work! Spoiled rotten man he is ! LOL

Happy Creating!

Much Love and Hugs,


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Blogger Judy Scott said...

Wow wow wow, take it you brought the coffee pot over. Some fab work going here.

I used to watch Anne of Green Gables, oh she was so lovely I so wanted her childhood. Now that could be where I first saw patchwork quilts - must investigate further!

Lulu says - wow she loves your ideas and the way you put them together and your images and backgrounds. xxxx from lulu

Well babe off to watch some wimbledon - two hunky guys in shorts hitting a ball backward and forward. very nice legs as well not that Im looking. hehehe

Big hugs and loads of love Jx

9:26 AM, July 03, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Nope I am still trodding off to the kitchen to get my coffee lol

I wouldnt mind taking over Anne's childhood neither...I am about as bullheaded and strongwilled as her...I am sure I would of got into more mischief than her! LOL

And Thank You Miss Lulu! How sweet!xxxxx

Well that would be the only way you could get me to watch tennis LOL I love football...especially the tightends (bad pun) hehehe

Have a nice relax my dearest! I am off to hunt dust bunnies!!

9:31 AM, July 03, 2006  
Blogger Suzie Q said...

Wow, Nancy, I love them all! I have to improve on my snail's pace, lol! :) Well done you!

Love 'n' Hugs,
Q xXx

1:06 PM, July 03, 2006  
Blogger Holly Stinnett said...

All are so unique and so wonderful. Beautiful work. :)

3:58 PM, July 03, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Thank you Suzie!! They were fun!

Love and hugs back at ya!

6:14 PM, July 03, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Thank you so much Holly! :)

6:14 PM, July 03, 2006  

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