Monday, July 17, 2006

Look what my blog sista Jude sent me!!!

Oh Jude! Thank you darlin'! All these goodies are so lovely! I feel loved today!!!! Goodies starting at top left is a beautiful fabric ACEO and so wonderfully embellished and comes with it's very own fabric pocket! Moving to the top right...and original collage by Jude aka Judy Scott!! I lurve it babe! If you move on down to the bottom left she also made me a fabric ACEO atc book that wraps up with pretty green silky bow! On top of it is a sweet lil ACEO atc card she made (it was tucked neatly in side the atc fabric holder book! Underneath the atc is a sweet card made by Jude also! I love it all Jude! It made my day girl! I am all excited I can hardly type hehehe...Thank you for sending me a ray of sunshine Jude ..Love you babe!

Now I got to find some special places for my goodies hehe! What fun!

Now I am sitting here listening to big band music and played two of my favs from Frank Sinatra and one by Bing Crosby...which in turn inpired me to create something with the names of the songs....No I am not telling! I am going to try to get Chrysti's challenge done today and then move on to the challenge Suzie gave me....Rollin ideas around...just hope it looks as good on canvas as in mah head lol...thats kinda scarey ya know...phsycedelic colors rolling around in mah brain hehehe....and to think it is all natural!! LMAO

Well I spoiled myself today! Shusssssh! Don't tell my landlords lol...I deserve it hehe....I got me a scale/postage machine....:D That way I know I have postage to keep eBay up and running! Actually it was hubbies idea...he knows I will buy for everyone else but you prolly figured I got my Paypal card today! It will all work out! I have faith in my family! Now I need to go finish a couple projects so I can pay for that derned postage machine LOL Then get Chrysti's challenge done and Suzies challenge started!! My head is spinning LOL bring on the coffee...or maybe not LOL

Love yall and Happy Creating!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Suzanne said...

You lucky duck! I saw those two pieces on the Zettiology flickr site--love 'em! You must be someone special! ;^)


5:51 PM, July 17, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

hehehe..I feel special having friends like all of you around me! :)

11:28 PM, July 17, 2006  

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