Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Grrrrrrr! This blogger account is getting to be a real pain! I keep getting error pages and trouble getting photos to upload...and half the time takes for ever to get everything to post!

I am thinking more and more about that Wordpress blog...I am just thinking if it is going to be a hassle to get everything from here to there...and how much stuff will I lose....that would be like your journal or diary getting stolen!... ya know! I have put alot of time and effort into blogger and I just don't know what I really want to do.

I was going to post my IF challenge Opposites.(I put it on Flickr)..but got an error page....I really didn't get much of anything done yesterday....as my daughter was having her temper tantrums....ugh! I try to spend as much time with my girls as possible....they are just not grasping that this is not only my work but my dream. I have waiting many many years for this....but at the same time I don't want them feeling left out! It is getting harder to stay up late to work....as I have the girls all day long....and they dont need a grumpy Mommy! And during the day is getting damn near impossible to get anything finished.....Soooooooooooooo....I will be slowing down till after the first week of August and mostly getting my art addiction in on the weekends....

Yup! Y'all guessed it....I am PMSing.... :P Maybe I will just hide out for a few days til I am in a better mood! Hate this feeling! PMS stinks!!!!! HA! If I hid during this time you wouldn't see the likes of me for 2 1/2 weeks!! Ya it lasts that long! I doubt I can stay away long....I would miss y'all too much hehe...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH forget all that noise!! I am getting published YIPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! Scrap with Ally just emailed me with the wonderful news...2 of my art pages will be published in her new book...The Complete Idiot's Guide to Altered Art Illistrated! How cool is that!!! Can you tell I am excited here! LOL Thank you thank you Ally!!! Your the best!! You can see about what shes doing here http://www.scrapwithally.com/getpublished.html I had forgotten all about my entry for publication! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Awesome! *GRIN*

Love and hugs! Happy Creating!


Blogger Suzie Q said...

LoL! :) More sympathy coming your way....PMS is the pits, and I too would not surface at all if I gave in to it. I did have to go to the Dr in the end though, as it (my irritability) was getting totally out of control - she's given me Oestrogen tablets and they do make a difference, thankfully!
I haven't noticed any problems with Blogger, yet Flickr is driving me nuts lately - soooooo s-l-o-w.....
Take it easy, sweetheart, and enjoy those girls of yours. 'Plenty of time.... :)

Much Love, Q xXx

9:10 AM, July 25, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

LOL I am ok Suzie...You need to read my blog again I just added something at the end...I am so excited!!!!!!

10:26 AM, July 25, 2006  
Blogger Suzie Q said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

You go girl!! I want a copy of that book when it's published! 'Sounds perfect for me!! hehe ;)

WELL DONE YOU!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

Celebratory Hugs all round - so exciting!! (((((x)))))

(p.s. no rush with the postage - enjoy your good news and forget everything else! )

Loads of Love xXx

11:44 AM, July 25, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Thank Suzie! Now how could I forget about my friends at a time like this! hehe

12:26 PM, July 25, 2006  
Blogger firstborn said...

congrats nancy on your work being published!! so happy for you...

hey, i've been having blogger problems too!!! & i'm not pms-ing either! i don't know what's up with picasa (i tend to use that because it uploads quicker than blogger's) as i wasn't able to post in my usual fashion...so i totally can understand your frustration...

anyhoo, take care & enjoy your kids...they need you right?

will pop by again soon...

take care,
mary ann :)

6:55 PM, July 25, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

PMS and Premenapausal here...desparate need of homones lol...Thank you for the congrats!
Yes my kids need me every 5 minutes LOL gotta love em! :)

8:51 PM, July 25, 2006  
Anonymous Allyson Bright said...

Hi again Nancy! Glad to be publishing your art! It's so great!

I would advise against WordPress...I know I'm in the minority on that, but I just haven't been happy. I'm switching to TypePad for the launch of my new site. I like it much better!

4:32 PM, July 27, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Hello Allyson! Thank you so much! This is so exciting!

Thank you for the heads up! I have thought about it and thinking I should just stay put! At least for now! I did sign up for WordPress..but the longer I thought about it...It just didn't feel like the right time. I am glad you found a home for your new site! Very cool! Hope you have a wonderful evening!

6:28 PM, July 27, 2006  
Blogger ParisBreakfasts said...

Just passing by from Flickr after looking at your nice collages..
On Blogger you need to post when others are not. As early as possible 5am-9am.
Also you MUST empty your out yr internet options in the control panel- delete cookies, delete files & clear history etc.
This makes a HUGE difference instantly.
True sometimes Blogger does have problems & then it's best to come back later. But I do lots of big pictures (usually 9 a post) & rarely have a problem if I do the above things.

11:37 AM, July 30, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Thank you Carol!

I do all of the above...starting to believe it is the time of day I am trying to post! :)

12:14 PM, July 30, 2006  

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