Sunday, June 25, 2006

Whens the last time you Defraged your computer??

Ok ladies! When is the last time you done a disc cleanup and defraged your computer??? Hmmmmm? hehehe....As much as we use our computers these two things should be done once a week! If your time is limited then at least do these once a month!

1. Go to your start menu....ya know the little button that says start start...highlight all programs.....highlight accessories.....highlight system tools.....a box will open up with a small "Disc Cleanup"...let that run and go get you a cup of coffee.

2. Go to your start menu again...Click start....highlight all programs....highlight accessories....highlight system tools.....again a box will open up....Click "Disk Defragmenter" This one will take quite awhile if you have never done it AHEM!!! or havent done it in awhile....So go create something wonderful while the computer is doing its thing! This program will help put files you use most in front and help your computer to run a bit faster.

So, easy! I do this myself.....its a simple task and a must to get the most out of your computer!

If your lacking disc space....What I do is put...lets say all my photos(family friend etc) in one folder and the burn them to disc....opens up more disc space....and now you have a personal cd to look at all your photos at one time!.......I do this with all my art too!(I do it like each season of the year...) Plus, You could burn all those images you get from Flickr's Collage Images(not for posting art)...and make yourself your own Vintage images CD!!! Cleaning your computer is so important!!! Think of it as one of the order for it to function have to take care of it!

Anywho!!!! Here is pics erm 9 and 10(I think, lol lost count) of the BOH....Sorry for the poor photography once again hehe. Much more fun to look at in person!

OMG I didn't get up till almost NOON!!! Yikes!! lol.....I have few days (I hope) that I can sit back and relax...pfffffft ya right...who am I kidding lol......Last night I cut out all my ACEO atc cards and put backgrounds on them....I got a ton of these lil puppies hehehhe.....I didn't have any mat I used one of my shipping boxes from USPS (Hey, lol they are free hehe) plus they are very sturdy(didn't I say this yesterday???? hmmm dejavu(did I spell that right? don't look right for some reason lol )....I dont get out much (hubby is usually the one to go to the print shop) so, these boxes can be mailed right to your door....hehehe
Ya call it whatever you, lazy....I dont care LOL....OHHHHHH if you want free craft supplies...check out your local home improvement store....often they if you can catch them at the right can get their old wall paper sample books or paint chips or the wood chip samples for wood stains etc.....I talk to much lol...I'mmmmmmm outta here! :))

Much Love and Happy Creating!



Blogger kathywas said...

Wahoo...thanks Nancy! Your timing is IMPECCABLE!! Believe it or not, I was just thinking today that I need to defrag my computer, but I couldn't remember either the name OR how to do it!! Perfect timing!! Thanks for the step-by-step instructions!!

1:43 PM, June 25, 2006  
Blogger artjunk~ said...

great advice on the computer thing...gotta get myself going on burning those pics on cd! I try to tell the kids about the disc cleanup. they go crazy when I do that b/c they can't get on the computer (they all share one), but I tell them that they will thank me when it runs faster and Dad will thank them that it lasts longer ( or they'll just have an old slow one, lol!)
well, I'm loving all those ATC's and I've also been lookin' into the mat board. It does give a finished touch! well, thanks for the nudge. I just got a computer that burns cd's so I have no excuse anymore!! talk soon, Lia

4:54 PM, June 25, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

lol Your welcome Kathy! :)

7:00 PM, June 25, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Hello Lia!

Yup! Computers just dont take care of themselves...Thank you for the sweet compliments on my cards! :) I sure hope you didnt buy a whole new computer just to have a cd burner did you???...All you have to do is buy you a CD ROM that has burning capabilites and it will come with burning software..because all computer towers will have a slot for the CD ROM....they only run about $50.00...if you didnt buy it for that reason and just needed a new computer than WHEW! hehe
Much love to ya doll and big HUGS!

7:07 PM, June 25, 2006  
Blogger Suzie Q said...

Hi Nancy, great advice! I keep trying to defrag, but it keeps telling me I don't need to! I do my disc clean-up regularly, like a good girl, as I have thousands of photo's on my pc waiting to be burned to CD! I bought my current 'puter for that reason and still find it a tricky process - I thought it would be as easy as saving to floppy, but how wrong was I?!! ;)
Anyway, great to see you being so prolific with your Art - I love transparencies and would love to make my own...
The book of hmmmm is wonderful, so inspirational! We will all have them before long, I'm sure! ;)
Good Luck with all your projects, sweetheart x

LOvE & HuGs to YoU! xXx Q xXx

5:04 AM, June 26, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

I seeee! hehe....Sometimes puters tell you it doesnt need it but it should be done on a regular basis..once a week if your doing alot of stuff online. Thank you for your compliments on both parts...Imma tired today hehe sowwy!
The best to you to Suzie! Love and hugs!!!

4:31 PM, June 26, 2006  
Blogger Judy Scott said...

This is getting technical..... arrrrgggghhhhh. Im really bad I have a trillion pics waiting to go to disc and have never fraged whatever its called he he. Not to worry I will comment on your amazing art - these pages are amazing - Ive just so enjoyed each one and love the colours and images - did you decide about auctioning yet let us know! Look forward to 11 and 12 babe, love you loads Judy x

6:17 PM, June 26, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Judy Judy Judy!!! No worries doll...Defragin is a must but I can email you a step by step doohickey to walk you thru it! No I havent decided yet...Id really actually like to have a shelf in my studio just for my altered books...I have 6 so far...and that dont include my journal art...those I have in white binders and would like to find something more fitting for them...something in funky bright colors oooooooh I know! a friend of mine and I just did a trade and I could make covers with the groovy fabric she sent me...hehehehe Loves you too darlin!

7:23 PM, June 26, 2006  

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