Friday, June 30, 2006

Still working on Jude's challenge for me....

Here is page layout for my BOH 19 and 20. Not real crazy about these pages...I like the images...was trying out different colors.....But it is always fun to explore and learn things by accident and learn from mistakes too. The one on the left has a chinese take out box picture...I was craving chinese food from our fav resturant....So was my hubby...this was just before fathers day when we had planned to go there to eat...and thats when we checked our bank and had all that hubbub...You know the rest of the story LOL

I thought I would try something new in my ebay store....I now have collage goodie packets...with like 50 items in it....paper, game stuff ! LOL We will see how that goes! I also, got brave and put one of my sculptures up for sale....*biting fingernails* hehe.....

It has been really hot here in SC the last two days....girls were invited yesterday to go swimming at a friends house 2 doors down... I am so glad they made friends with this little polite and cares about her friends....The have another lil girlie friend down the other way...which I adore she is so funny and reminds me of my oldest daughter....Just happy and silly! Well both of my daughters are silly.....I have no clue where they get that from! hehe

I am still working on Jude's challenge of "Shabby Chic" ....The crackle medium didnt crackle as much as I had hoped for....but I have yet to add some antique gel medium to the piece....hopefully that will fill in the tiny cracks and make them more appearant...we shall see!
I hope to have it up by the end of the day ....but this is one project that seems to be taking its sweet time hehehe

Gots to go

Love and Hugs and Happy Creating!



Blogger Judy Scott said...

Oops taking rather along time!!!! Didnt mean to cause you pain - hey think theres a song in there somewhere. When Scarlett and Stevie got married she decorated chinese take away boxes and filled them with goodies, they were awesome. good luck with the collage packs I do hope they sell for you and your sculptures, going to check them out just now. spent the morning sewing and playing with fabric, I do 'sew' love to sew and the feel of the fabric and all the colours is just wonderfull. OK i digress came in to get the iron and ended up on here again to see if you had posted your challenge yet. Off again to sew some more, loads of love Jude x

9:22 AM, June 30, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Hey I asked for a challenge now didnt I LOL....Keeps me outta trouble hehe...for a lil while anyways lol....Way cool goodie boxes they must of had!!! :) Thank you hun I am a trying lol...It is a mad rush today with sales! AND IVE RUN OUT OF ENVELOPES!! YIKES!!! Hopefully I can sweet talk my hubby into bringing me some home..I was too late to call post office to bring them to me!
I can tell you like to sew..and you do such a marvelous job at it...I am hoping I can get the pretty to you this weekend! ...Darn addicting computers LMAO..I am on mine more than not lol....I just wanna play LOL
GO have fun babe! Love ya

10:12 AM, June 30, 2006  

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