Saturday, June 24, 2006

I think the transparancy fairy came to visit me last night hehe

Here is what I did last night...I made up a whole batch of images to make transparacies! I will now have lots of them on hand when I am looking for that special piece for a collage! After reading Chrysti's tips on her blog on organizating your spaces. I spend the wee hours of the night doing just that! Looks more like an organized mess but I can find everything! I even made my own magazine holder out of a USPS flat rate box LOL ...Hey! it works for what I need! I may cover it with some groovy paper at some point!

I suppose I can give y'all another sneak peek at my BOH hehe! Pages seen here are 7 &8 layout

The one on the left with the pokey dots the background is actually a bright sunny yellow! Darn camera lol. This book has so much stuff to look at! Hmmmm wonder if I should auction it off hehe...What y'all think!!?? I would have no clue what to start the bid at LOL ...That is one of my downfalls...ugh! It is so hard to put a price on your own art!

I hope all of you enjoy your weekend and make some time to create something wonderful!!!

I am off to create some more goodies to put on my eBay.....BTW if you get time stop by and see what I have at eBay Also, any advise on my pricing and descriptions would be helpful!! Thanks!!!!

Much Love and hugs! Happy Creating!!!!



Blogger Judy Scott said...

Hi babe, love the idea of the transparencies do you print them onto the clear sheets? Your mag holder sounds a brill idea and i use all sorts of boxes to store - a little wallpaper or magazine pages and youve got another piece of art.

Love the new pages and I think its a great idea to auction it but what price??? Ive found that people dont want to spend alot of money and youve put soooooooo much work into it so I just dont know Im like you I just never know. Perhaps it would be an idea to look through what everyone else puts and the starting prices they put and then what they sell for. Good luck babe.

I will try and create something but right now think Im going to crawl back to bed. so sleepy... love you loads and will stop by tommorrow after church xxxxx love Judy x

5:48 PM, June 24, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Immmmmmmmm following you hehe

I print them out on my b&w laser printer...I actually got it as a freebie heheheheehe....Im so rotten lol....then I put them on clear tape (comes on a huge roll its about a foot wide...and also clear packing tape for the smaller images....then just make my transparacies...which I still have to soak them in water to do...but I usually do that as I need them...

Thank you for the compliment hun! Ya thats what I was thinking checking out the going price for Altered books....

Get you some rest hunny hope you have the sweetest of dreams!!!

Loves ya lots and big hugs!!

6:01 PM, June 24, 2006  

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