Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Decisions decisions....

Here are 13 and 14 page layout of my BOH....I love the way these turned out...especially the colors....

I have been contemplating for the last few days....of what kind/brand of acrylic paint I want....#1 I can find the cheepo acrylic paints online that accepts paypal...#2 the Lumiere paints are a bit spendy but not as much as some(just not sure they will do what I need them to do) #3 However I did find some really cool paints (bright lovely colors) on the stampington/somerset shoppe..."making memories scrapbook color kits" .......I like bright colors...I love the ones that Missy Judy uses or if you have seen in Flickr Allisonbees art(especially that red and blue she uses) those really look close to the ones I seen in the Somerset shoppe ....love those colors! I know how it is with artists(I should know I am one lol) that we don't give away all our secrets....But for the undecisive ppl like me ....(heck when hubby wants to take me out for dinner he will ask where do you want to go...I will reply I dont care you decide...then I get the eye rolling look) I am not a good decsion maker....I just know the look I am going for with my art.....I don't want yall to give away your secrets....but youve seen what I do in art....which do you think would suit me best and give me that color I am looking for?.....I really hate to ask yall.....IM STUCK! lol....I get stuck alot......so I am asking for help!!!!! Before I go totally nutz(which btw aint to far off lol)....I am not trying to copy anyone...I just know what colors I like and what I would like to achieve with them....Have I confused you yet LOL....I am sure my answer is in what I wrote....Maybe I should take a chance and just ask a few artists what they use.....what could it hurt....but at the same time....So I am inquisitive!! I like to know lol....

The picture on the very top is what I bought from Missy Chrysti! YAY love her stuff....But I was quite disappointed with the mail delivery....my hubby had a small package in the mail too...and the mail person put a thick rubber band around both and stuffed them in the mail box...UGH...I ended up with crinkly papers....Not happy with the mail person! I told Chrysti I was going to kick the mail car the next time it went by the house lol......The fibers Chrysti has in her store are gorgeous!!! I gots me some! If you want any she still has lots but shes cleaning out the store and making room for new items...so if you want any its a good time to do so... http://stores.ebay.com/Covet-Me Pretty pretties! I got another pic to show hope I can get it on here.....It is a pic of how I somewhat organized my shelf with all my goodies...actually I have a few pics...some of my little wooden tool box I found at a secondhand shoppe in Tennessee....well horse pucky!!! I can get them on here so I will post them tomorrow!!! Ahhhh well ...I have been spending alot of the last couple days just painting on magazine pages....that is as close as I can come to creating art right now....just not sure what I want to do next just yet....I am doing alot of thinking and writing notes as far as my new website goes....what I am thinking is just redoing the home page and maybe the buttons...and do a lil tweaking to the other pages...and then just move the site to where I want it....Call it indecisive or lazy LOL It just seems I dont have a lot of time right now to dink with a bunch of redesigning.....Ok shutting up now and going to paint !

Much love and hugs and Happy Creating!



Blogger Judy Scott said...

eating dinner will get back to you in an hour babe and we can talk paint!!!!!!!!!

10:46 AM, June 27, 2006  
Blogger Judy Scott said...

back quicker than I thought, Jim has taken Rach and Lulu to Stirling Castle to see JAMES BLUNT Lulu is totally in love with him and sooooo excited, so made a quick spagetti for them. Peace in the house aaahhhhhhhh. silence.

anyway back to the question in hand, PAINT I have looked on the web site and I agree I would love to have the golden acrylics and have seen work done with them and they look amazing bright vibrant colours. I use Winsor and Newton Galeria only cause they were accessible and relatively cheap although not the cheapest in Scotland. I also use alot of watercolour. You say you like my colours which colours are you talking about and I will try and remember what I used. I do not mind in the least sharing any knowledge. The blue in Raindrops are fallin on my head is a watercolour and some twinkling h2os. I remember you commented on the colours last night. So will check back in a while and see what youve said, bye bye for now Jx

11:33 AM, June 27, 2006  
Anonymous Hanna said...

Beautiful pages in your beautiful book, yes. I don't know anything about acrylics, we don't have much different stuff to chose from around here. Hope you get lots of answers or a link to someone who has done a comparasion between lots of brands! :-)

take care

12:54 PM, June 27, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Hiya Judy...glad you have some peace and quiet hehe

As far as paints I buy the affordable kind lol that we have available here in stores....I also have twinklers...but still have yet to get me some watercolor paper...I did however find a store online that sells paints like I use and I purchased a ton of em hehe...more variety than for me to break myself buying something I cant afford and maybe only being able to purchase 5 colors at a time....one of these days I would like to get Goldens. wow your twinklers came out so vivid..ive tried mine once and were kind pale...hmmmm...I am just amazed how bright your colors turned out!

4:01 PM, June 27, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Thank you thank you Hanna!

4:02 PM, June 27, 2006  

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