Friday, June 23, 2006

Brisbane!! Brisbane!! LOL

Good Morning All!!!! Here is page #5 and #6 layout for my "Book Of Hmm". I used alot of Lia's idea for painted junk mail on page 6. Even though I love TM's collage bits....I really need to come up with more of my own. I have maybe like 6 of my own face lol....Not much for inspiration there to use in my art lol....ahh well....The little crow head on page 5 is of my own....I think my little dress pieces are getting old...the same thing different day....anyone got ideas for new outfits for my creatures???? I know quit yer bitchin woman LOL ...I try so hard not too....really I do! ......I have been also working on a personal art is done in a magazine....ever heard of a mens mag called...Best Life....its a mail freebie so I am not complainin LOL shhhhhh......anyways the pages in this magazine are thick and have a nice feel to I said to myself ...why not turn it into a journal hehehe...When you limited to stuff on use what is available to you!

OMG I had this dream last night....that hubby and I were thrill seekers LMAO Strange hu?....I mean I am somewhat adventurous but not sitting at the edge of the ocean on the beach at full tide waiting for huge waves to hit and envelop you LOL.......I swear this wave looked like a tidal wave in a hurricane.....YIKES!!!! Then next I know we are in a hotel and I am grabbing luggage bags ...rushing around the room.....telling hubby come lets go for our next adventure....HOLY CRAP!!! lol .....the things I dream about...I have no idea what that was about...anyone have a dream analogy for this??? Whats your view? LOL

I need to get busy here....I have only created 2 images for my new site...for the homepage....ugh! What a chore!!! The idea for it and hubby and I talking about it was much more enjoyable than actually doing is tedious work.....

Oh Judy bring me a Tshirt back that says, "Brisbane" LOL Just kidding doll! I seen the birds eye view of where your son and daughter in law are living....They sure found a sweet spot to call home!! And so close to the beach!!! Beautiful!!!!

Off to do some creating...because if I call it work...I won't enjoy it LOL

Best to you all! Happy Creating!

Much Love and Hugs,



Blogger Judy Scott said...

Oh Nancy its like you said all that without breathing.

Are you hyper today!! It must be that dream last night. You obviously have to come to Brisbane with me, lol. Well dress designs, ermmmmmm I like your designs but then Im not used to seeing them everyday like you are. Why not develop a couple of characters in your head and imagine what they would wear then you can mix and match outfits. You could have a 60's flower power chic or a charlsten chic or a victorian lady and go from there!!!

I love your crow you could have a challenge with yourself to creat a creature a day and all the trimmings round it ( the black and white bits pointy bits, spotty bits)

Arent they lucky with their house what an amazing place to live and only 70 days till I leave Edinburgh.

Good luck with your site, do one of your pages all in pinks with black and white ( do you have to do them on paper first and then scan them) I think its so exciting when will it be finished. Hurry up and DO IT!!!!

If youre reading this Nancy, shame on you you should be creating that new web site.

Love you babe too
Judy x (70 days)xxxxx

11:03 AM, June 23, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

You are such a nut woman! LOL I read what you wrote thru and email for this blog...LOL and when I came here there was this quote at top of blog "Work is my norm. I have mad energy, insane energy a kind stamina in terms of work thats a little crazy" Hmmm seems to fit what you just asked LOL Yes a bit hyper today!! hehehehehe Poor hubby LOL I got 4 new ACEO's done today and I just love em all...Woohoooo!

You know sumtin...your just full of ideas...hugs!! create a creature! I like that! Thank you doll! I will defintely give that a go!!! Off I go!

Love ya much and BIG HUGS!!!

11:46 AM, June 23, 2006  
Blogger Suzie Q said...

OMG! The energy here has hit me like a ton of bricks!! You two are just buzzin.....mmmmmmmmmmm.....

Nancy, your work is amazing and I can't get over how much you do! You are so playful and full of energy, sooooo inspirational!!

Your dream is fascinating, and suggests that you are subconciously concerned about being overwhelmed by your emotions...and that your precious hubby is the stabilising, calming influence on you (in my opinion, anyway ~ I'm sure there are other interpretations!)

What a lovely couple you must be!

Keep up the good work, darlin', I'm working on those rusty backgrounds - just waiting for them to dry - yippee!!

Loads of Love & Big Hugs,
Q xXx

3:03 AM, June 24, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

HEHEHE! Hiya Suzie babe!! No that dream analogy sounds just about right....I was starting to think on them lines too....when things get tough and I try so hard that I get frusterated...and sometimes a bit depressed...He will say, "Snap out of it"! LOL and then "Go create something LOL...Gotta love him for that :) Cant wait to see your results on TIT!

7:28 PM, June 26, 2006  

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