Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Try It Tuesdays!

TRY IT TUESDAYS! Come sign up and join the fun....Meet new people, learn new techniques each Tuesday and get a chance to win some lovely prizes!!!

This new group is founded by; ArtByChrysti!!! You go girlie!

Visit here for information and how to join this fun group!

Also, to answer any questions you might have concerning Technique Tuesday visit us at: Chrysti has places here you can find informative answers to your questions and a spot to introduce yourself!! If you don't have Flickr already, it is very easy to join!

I hope you will join us.!!!...ArtByChrysti has some really great groups! Lots of cool artists have joined her groups and a great place to find great friends, fun and inspirations! See you there!!!

ArtByChristy also has a fabulous eBay store! She has some really great stuff for collaging and your altered art needs!

Thank You!!!


Thinking about making a new set on my flickr site to display my Book of Dreams and then post a link here.....This has been a pretty good a shelf built for my desk by my sweet hubby. He came in with a measuring tape to measure the desk (just humming to himself and not saying a word) came back in and said clear off your desk....then he brought in a shelf he built for me....Awwwwwwwww....he must of seen how cramped I was. I think I had just enough space to work, which is about the size of my Journal art pages I have things up off my desk and plenty of work space...well enough for me...I was just so happy...Thank you hunny!!!! He mentioned building a second shelf so I can use it for displaying my AB's and other little things.

I've also been thinking about teaching a class! To be honest I wouldn't know where to start as to organizing something like that....I know that there is alot of artists here in the SouthEast...and I know that there are a few folks in SC and NC. Or maybe a weekend retreat and exchange ideas in collage, paint etc. I would love to teach others the joys of art and for some like me it helped me out of a depression...I am back to my happy go lucky self finally and enjoying life and those around me and all the new friends I have made in the art world. Just wish I could meet them in person! But all in all I think I better stick to what I am doing for the moment. Now I am off to post some of my new pages from my Book of Dreams! TTFN


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