Friday, May 19, 2006

The serious side of me.

This picture has not been shown to anyone, but to those who may visit here...This is a page out of my personal Journal Art Book (one of many lol). "My Muse". It also reads, Muse it or lose it"....this was made at a time not too long ago, when my muse tells me...Just do it....and also alot of I cannot sit still for long...or just do nothing....I always have to be doing something.

Alot of ppl see me as; talkative, goofy, artistic, or look to me for advice....Most of the time I am happy go lucky....but I DO have a serious side....I find it hard to trust ppl due to past experiences and I choose my friends more wisely now....even at the age of 41 I still have those issues...Tell me..why is it so hard for some to ...Just be it really that hard to be honest with someone and themselves....because I will tell you , I have met alot of ppl online that can sit behind a computer and be someone they are not....such a farce....and WHY??....wouldn't they rather be themselves and have fun, than leave their computers with their unhappiness.....and then get themselves all caught up in their own lies....I mean really! Yes I spend alot of time on my computer....not much choice...I am stuck at home mostly...In a new State...don't know anyone....I have met a few ppl...but not someone I would call friend....If I ever do meet any of will find I am the same in person.....good ol goofy me....I am just me. I have my bad days yes! But I deal with them and move on from there...because there are so much many more things to enjoy than to sit idle and mull and dwell over them. And no I am not drinking lol ...I don't drink....this is normal LOL whatever that is....I'm an artist....and if your an artist...I am sure you can relate in some matter lol....Much love to all and hugs!

Happy Creating!



Blogger Maggie said...

Amen, I second that. I am the same online off line, work etc..
I luv your work I hope one day to be as creative as you are.
Have a great weekend

10:39 PM, May 19, 2006  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Hi Nancy, I also have trust issues due to past experiences with just being me, giving to those I cared about, only to find that they were BSing me or doing something behind my back but only too willing to TAKE from me...but I'm not bitter (BUWUHOOHAHAHAHA)!!! Those people are no longer in my life so poo on them. :^) Anyway, I'm spending time here online getting into the art world since working 40 hr./wk. doesn't give me much time for socializing (and my beloved husband is on the road a lot), I sure wish there were other gals I could occasionally get together with to "play with paint" and so forth, sure does a woman's heart good to have other women friends! But through the internet I can "meet" so many creative people from so many places, which is also a wonderful thing. The point of all this is I understand your feeling of isolation. But isn't it cool that so many people are admirers of your work? That's why I visit your blog, I get a kick out of seeing your new creations! Anyway, didn't I read somewhere that you are originally from Washington?
Have a wonderful weekend!
Suzanne (in Albany, OR)

12:00 AM, May 20, 2006  
Blogger Judy Scott said...

Hi Nancy, well on line I am being me - I know youve read my blog so probably know Ive got real sadness just now, here I find that I can just be me, I worked for 25 years in the beauty industry and there was no place for people who where suffering with depression (although my medication kept me 'normal' for along time)the home and head problems, people dont want to know about, and its very hard work to keep up appearances. I find it very very hard to keep/make true friends, the ones Ive got now have been through my quilting group and they are very special. and my husband is my bestest friend in the whole world (thankfully).
In the short time since Ive not been able to work and found 'here' Ive made new friends, really seem to have been drawn to them and thats even when I actually havent got the energy to be 'up' all the time but it doesnt seem to matter, they bring out the very best in you and make you smile and laugh (including You and Suzie-q) have really encouraged, advised, given praise and boy that really makes you feel wonderful and they listen and respond to your 'blogging'. People who just drop by also lift you and make you feel so good when they leave a message
So I want to say thankyou for your encouragment for making me smile and just being there and to the wonderful Chrysti for being one step ahead all the time and 'making' us do all these extra things he he he (((((BIG HUGS))))) a very very happy creating,
Judy x

4:07 AM, May 20, 2006  
Blogger Nancy Baumiller said...

Maggie...Thanks hun...every human being is creative is some way or is all about finding your niche...that is truly where self-happiness is...this is to all of you...finding yourself can be a difficult task...with all the elements that life deals out..just take one day at a time...and find the good in it...and make the most of those little things...sometimes it is those little things that have the biggest impact on your life....and have alot of self-worth love..stay with your is great really does help...I have my down days but if I stay there it affects many things in my life including my family and smile hun you are so wonderful:) each and everyone of you are...y'all have special things that you do that make you special and unique!
Suzanne thank you too...and yes I am originally from WA...I think you might have seen that on my website..I just want to thank y'all for stopping in and visiting me means alot to hear your lovely comments...It is early in the am here..and even so...everyone of you have made my day!....Hugs..Nancyx

6:34 AM, May 20, 2006  

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