Tuesday, April 04, 2006

UGH!! I think I am running out of everything!

Howdy howdy! Thank you Carla and Angela for your sweet comments! hugs to you both! :)

I have dun run out of paper and glue...CRISIS! So I improvised this is the results. I was just going nutz wanting to create something so I just used regular ol drawing paper...looks better on here than in person lol...it is 9 x12 collage. "Laugh" ya go ahead laugh hehehe it's ok I did :)) Called my hubby, plzzzz plzzzzzz bring me some paper plzzzzz and glue...I love you hunny hehe!

I am going to give it a go at some water colors here soon. Got the items I need on order...just couldn't resist those pretty pretty Twinkling H2O's.

Also, got some scrapbooking papers in the makings to sell in my store...hehe knowing me I will go scissor happy on them babys...paper is not safe around me lol.

Happy creating!



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