Saturday, April 22, 2006

Part 2 Borders Tutorial

Visuals for this Border Tutorial can be seen in Collage Cats Yahoo Group in my files:

Step 1 - Draw a border around towards the outside of your page about 1 inch wide..see photo in my files for this....using a regular crayon or oil pastel crayon (your choice).

Step 2 - I used paint this time Kiwi in color to paint in the it kind of a transparent look. Let dry or if your impatient like me use a heat gun lol.

Step 3 - Use a white oil pastel crayon to make dots in your border (or what ever color you choose) then dot in with a darker color, I used a red oil pastel on this. Then with a dark or black oil pastel draw lines from inside border line to outside of page and then highlight with of course a lighter color of oil pastel crayon.

All it needs now is font if you so choose like a nice quote....and then add your choices of embellishments and your done!

Hope y'all enjoyed this lil tutorial...Much love and hugs, and as always Happy Creating!



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