Saturday, April 08, 2006

New ATC's

Just finished a bunch of ATC's. The rest of them can be viewed at: on my ATC page. A tip I found is to use a piece of a magazine image(can't exactly remember where I found this)(Dad tells me I acquired CRS) lol....take a standard playing card and trace around it on a magazine image that you like. Cut out and adhere to your playing card...the rest is just adding collage bits and embellishments to your can do several of these at a time...I think I did something like...hmmm 15 today hehehe....oh! on the magazine images...I have found lots of pretty backgrounds in Country Home Magazine...especially on their "Collect it" page. I also, type in my word pad, word elements to cut and glue to ATC(so many lovely fonts) Same thing in Microsoft Paint can use lots of different colors to add to your font.
Did you know HP has a scrapbooking section with layouts( ok maybe I am behind times, I just discovered it lol) they also have Free Online Classes. I haven't really gotten into the whole scrapbooking thing....I will eventually because, I have an overflowing box of stuff that my girls give me that they want me to keep..and Yup! mostly all their art...lawdy! it's so hard to choose what to keep and what not to keep...I love it all! But if I don't do something about it soon...our house will explode at the seams! So, it sits there waiting on me and waiting and waiting....telling me... Dag nammit woman! Would you learn how to scrapbook already! Sheesh! Ok I am outtie here...going to watch movies with the family on our new surround sound system..woohooo....EH I didn't hear you...what did you say LOL

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