Sunday, April 30, 2006

Better day!

Thanks all for your lovely comments!

With all that went on this weekend, I got to take me
a well deserved nap...and it was so nice to just snooze.

Sorry no art today! But I will be getting back on
the BOD tomorrow and hopefully get to post it.
Gonna try some free-style art...
Think I might wait till the kids get home and drag out
some supplies and all of us just create without a care! :)

For those interested I have some brand new
collage sheets posted on my website at $3.00 each!
The collage sheet page just keeps growing and growing
and hope to fill it up with paper collage goodies!
To find these collage sheets you may visit here: and go to my
"Collage Sheet" page.

Hmm everytime I post a link it puts my "about me"
at the bottom of page...too long I guess,
if any one has any advice on how to take a url
and turn it into a smaller link Plz let me know Thanks!
Hope you enjoy your visit in my store,
theres lots to see! Thanks for lookin!

Happy Creating!



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