Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sleep vs Art

Last nights ArtPARTY only 4 people were able to get into chat. Yahoo is once again playing it's lovely game with our group. By time I got in it was 11pm here on the east coast. So as to say I didn't stay long.

The gallery however was full of wonderful art. Lots to drool over, plus give you some inspiration to create. I was inspired, but just to tired to create. As always my head hits the pillow and close my eyes and visions of new art flash behind my eyelids. I was wanting to come back to my studio and create what I had visioned ,but the sleep overcame me and that was that.

Now here it is Sunday and those visions I had, have disapated. Sad but true. Maybe I just need a day off. Somehow I just can't see myself sitting in front of the television doing absolutely nothing. With my mind nagging me to create something. Hmmm there's always the never ending laundry begging to be washed. Oh, but that just does not sound like fun. Guess I am off to do the laundry. lol By the way...The art image posted is one of my journal art pages created on 3/24/06 "Twisted"

Have a wonderful day all!



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